Picture of LinR lecturer Kate HeartfieldKate Heartfield writes novels, novellas, stories and games. Her works include The Embroidered Book, a bestselling historical fantasy novel published in spring 2022 from HarperCollins. Her debut novel, Armed in Her Fashion, won Canada’s Aurora Award. Formerly a journalist at the Ottawa Citizen, Kate now teaches journalism at Carleton University.

Read what participants have said about Kate’s writing workshops:

  • I am not a writer, but came to learn more about the structure of what I read—which, thanks to Kate—I did in the most enjoyable way. She is an excellent lecturer: knowledgeable, thorough, and conscientious in addressing the content; diligent in responding to lecture questions and in delivering detailed summary notes by email following each lecture. She is also very generous with her time and support.
  • Kate has such a wealth of knowledge and she is gifted at sharing this in a very engaging fashion. She answered all questions in a very thoughtful manner.
  • Kate Heartfield presents the subject matter in a well ordered fashion. She is clear in explaining concepts. Her writing exercises were always useful. She has an unaffected way of discussing matters that encourages you to raise issues, questions, ideas, etc. All in all, an excellent lecturer.
  • Kate made us all feel comfortable. She is warm, with a great sense of humour. I was very impressed with the pacing of the workshop. Twelve hours is not a lot of time to cover such a complex subject but Kate had broken it down so that each weekly session had a particular focus. Within each lecture, there were exercises that were clear and that really made us understand the theory….and the challenges in practice. I would say that Kate provided exceptional value with this workshop.
  • Lecturer’s knowledge and ability to adapt to participants. Friendly, full of tips and techniques. Most enjoyable.
  • Kate is an excellent presenter and facilitator, covered everything I wanted to know and encouraged participation.
  • Kate was always well-prepared, kept to her plans but did not limit discussion, even if we got off track. I really enjoyed the process.
  • This is the first Lifelong Learning Program course I’ve taken in a few years and it was worth waiting for!
  • A wonderful workshop, with a wonderful lecturer. I learned so much in this workshop and it is useful information I can use. Kate is a very warm, approachable and knowledgeable teacher who shares her own personal tips, not just the usual stuff. Very good.