Nicola Vulpe has taught literature at the University of Ottawa, and at the Universities of León, La Laguna, and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. His recent work has appeared in journals such as The Antigonish Review, The Manhattan Review, Montréal Serai, and Stand Magazine. He has published a novella, The Extraordinary Event of Pia H., Who Turned to Admire a Chicken in the Plaza Mayor, and four collections of poetry, including, most recently, Through the Waspmouth I Drew You, and Insult to the Brain, which received the Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry.

The Lifelong Learning Program was pleased to have welcomed Nicola to our program for his Late Spring 2022 workshop series “Poetry: Poem of the Heart, Poem of the Mind”. Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Nicola’s intimate workshop series:

  • The lecturer delivered exactly what was promised, provided interesting perspectives and examples, and guided the sessions well. I thought it was smart to spend the first 2 weeks examining published work of other writers and practicing giving feedback on it before moving to participants’ writing. The lecturer also brought ideas that were new to me, such as trying to rewrite poems to be less successful, etc. Nicola Vulpe is well-spoken and a pleasure to listen to.
  • Nicola Vulpe is a successful writer. He is well-suited to lead lectures which deal with the creative expression of others. He is knowledgeable and sensitive to leading a small creative workshop process.
  • I liked that the number of participants was low, and the lecturer was excellent. I learned a lot!