Our online offerings are designed to offer participants an engaging experience, with moderated opportunities to interact with the lecturer and ask questions via chat text, as well as verbally. Our moderators ensure lecturers can focus on delivering their content and engaging with participants. A technical support person is also available during lectures to assist in case of any challenges.

If you are unsure about using Zoom technology, we want you to know we provide training and support in a variety of formats.

We strive to provide the best possible experience by training lecturers and participants in the use of Zoom, by testing extensively with each lecturer, and by preparing back-up processes and content in case of unavoidable outages. We are continuing to learn and improve the experience for everyone, and to expand our offerings and enrollment capacity.

We do plan to continue offering online lectures and workshops once we resume in-person events, due to the positive experience and requests of many participants.

Below is some of the positive feedback we have received this fall (note, ‘LinR’ refers to the program before our name change):

  • FIVE STAR QUALITY support staff made all the difference in the world to the Zoom experience offered by Carleton. The reminders, follow-ups, e-mailings and all proactive and forward-thinking administrative tasks were handled to excellent standards. A big BRAVO to the people in the background!
  • Great program. I really appreciate how you have embraced technology and made it work effectively.
  • I think you have all done an incredible job of continuing to offer outstanding lectures and instructors during unprecedented times. Congratulations to you all for a remarkable first term!
  • I am so glad this program exists and was made more available and easier to reach through Zoom. The tech support made for a smooth delivery of the lectures and material.
  • Thank you for doing such a great job. The LinR team’s work and commitment are obvious. Also, your directions about using the Zoom format at the beginning of each lecture were helpful. Thanks again!
  • I felt the series was well organized. Communication was timely and clear. The technical team made the technology quite accessible. [The lecturer] and the team really made the most of the Zoom teaching experience. As one who has taught on zoom I know that it is not all that easy.
  • Thank you to the whole design unit at LinR for pivoting (how we will all learn to hate that 2020 verb!) and providing so many exciting offerings via Zoom.
  • All I can say is thank you for these courses. I have now attended 4 of your lectures – 2 prior to COVID, both of which were a great experience; and 2 of the Zoom courses – also great until we can get back to normal. Just a lovely experience. Thank you.
  • This was my first time using Zoom and I would high recommend it to others.  Attending remotely was amazing.
  • During COVID, excellent alternative to in-person learning; after COVID, should be considered a complement to in-person learning. I love Zoom – easy to use, I don’t have to travel to campus (parking, weather, etc.). Best of all, I have a front-row seat – I can hear and see the lecturer clearly, and ALSO, I can hear (or see in “chat”) the other participants questions clearly, something which is often lost in-person.
  • Very well organized. The “tech team” has been very helpful in keeping the lectures well organized and running smoothly. This allows [the lecturer] to focus on his lectures and not the technical issues.
  • LinR is one of the best things in my life.  Honestly.  And in these times of restrictions and limitations, LinR opens doors into worlds of learning that I would not be able to access otherwise.  Thank you.
  • I like the ZOOM format and feel it is every bit as successful as attending a real lecture. It is easy and there are no hassles with parking!
  • Seeing the [lecture] on my iPad from the comfort and safety of my home was fantastic. I can’t tell you how much this meant to me to have something to look forward to during this pandemic.
  • Great subjects, well organised – the moderator did a great job, the zoom tutorial was super and I felt that were there any problems there would be back up.
  • Carleton University LinR program does an excellent job in moderating these online learning sessions to maximize the value and ease for the participants.
  • Wonderful program. Though I prefer live/in person lectures, LinR is delivering THE BEST online lecture experiences I’ve had during the pandemic. Brava!
  • Really like the brief info session at the beginning of the sessions. Great refresher.
  • I am very happy with the use of zoom for the lecture series. It was very easy to follow the slides and listen to the lecturer speak. More people can be accommodated.  I am passionate about art and I find that these lectures are a gift to become more knowledgeable about various art movements and artists.
  • I am a lifelong learner. I have been taking [LinR] offerings for 10 years. I enjoy the classes immensely. Kudos to the staff of LinR for organizing so well the Zoom classes in the time of Covid. You have done an amazing job.
  • Participating in a Zoom lecture worked well for me. You have done everything you can to make people comfortable with the technology. I did not “lose out” by not sitting in a classroom with others and I appreciate the convenience. Thank you.
  • I appreciate the course offers and it would seem that this pandemic is not going away very soon. It is my hope that Carleton will continue to offer a variety of course that one could take on Zoom.
  • It was very helpful to have the Zoom training session. Thank you. Thank you for offering courses online, now that in person courses are not available due to Covid 19. 
  • The registration process was simple and confirmation process was most efficient.
  • The LinR staff are doing a great job delivering this valuable program.
  • I think you are doing remarkably well given the technical challenges. Thanks
  • Thanks for offering such a diverse number of topics … and for all the work that you do to present these kinds of learning opportunities for people. Much appreciated.
  • I miss the intellectual stimulation of discussing important topics with work colleagues so this fills the void.  I am increasing my knowledge of the issues and how current events are shaping our world; interpreting news items/headlines; exposed to different perspectives/viewpoints based on facts and not opinions.  BTW, I absolutely love the Zoom format – no need to drive to campus.  So efficient!
  • Great distraction from COVID 19. I was very pleased that the lectures were being offered online because Lifelong Learning Program lectures are very interesting and helps us keep motivated. BRAVO!
  • I appreciate the opportunity to attend Zoom sessions.  There are certainly advantages to this for those of us who are happy to learn from home.  It avoids issues with parking, battles with ice and snow etc.
  • Thank you so much for continuing to offer interesting, entertaining and relevant lectures, and classes. I always appreciate seeing the great line-ups that you offer. There can’t be a more important time than right now to have all of this available to so many of us.
  • This is a wonderful program and all of you who support it, are so helpful and accommodating. Thank you.
  • You are doing an exceptional, great job. Thank you Lifelong Learning Program team for providing an important service in this time of the pandemic.  It is helping to keep us sane!
  • I must keep my mind active. I love learning about new things or honing my skills. So my LinR experiences have ranged from writing workshops to psychology to quantum physics…these are fun (in an academic way) and get me out of the house! Even though the experience has had to be online this year, it got my mind out of the house and interacting with others. 
  • The program is well organized.  I wondered how the classes would be on Zoom. Although I would prefer to attend a class in person, the Zoom classes have been surprisingly enjoyable and effective.
  • Thanks to all the technical people and host who are doing a great job behind the scene.
  • LinR is one of my favourite things about living in Ottawa.  And now that it’s online, I can invite my friends in Calgary and Pennsylvania to join me…bonus!  Though I do miss the in-person classroom interactions and look forward to their return. Keep up the good work!
  • I really like the zoom format.  I could see the lecturer very well and more importantly really hear him!  Thanks. This is technology that your program could continue to use. Thank you.
  • Thanks for offering a Zoom alternative during these strange, lonely, physically distanced Covid times. Much appreciated!
  • Under difficult pandemic circumstances, congratulations on the support you offered to make LinR a continuing success.
  • I really appreciate the work of all of you to bring us these virtual lecture series and workshops.
  • Thank you very much for this. I continue to admire how your program looks after all the details so well. Your administration of this program, especially in these challenging times, is very impressive.
  • I was impressed at how well the technical parts of the lecture were managed. Kudos to the staff.