Many people with Sympatico and email accounts have contacted us because our emails are not getting through to them. We continue to test and seek solutions and appreciate your patience during a difficult experience.

We will post suggestions and updates about this situation on this webpage.

If you have not been receiving emails from us, here are some ways to help ensure our messages reach you:

  • If you have an alternative email address, please let us know and we will use that email address instead
  • For some people, our emails are filtered to the junk folder in the web version of their email and are not being downloaded to their computer’s desktop application. Log into the web and check your junk folder
  • Add our email address to your address book or ‘safe sender’ or ‘allow’ list. Please add the following TWO addresses:
  • We encourage you to also reach out to Sympatico to report if you are experiencing this issue. As your service provider, they may and should help you!
  • If you email us with a fresh subject line, our responses to that email have a high likelihood of getting through.
  • If you require one-on-one assistance, you may like to try the free service from Connected Canadians. Here is some background information on this group.

You may have noticed some of the solutions we’ve tried, such as changing the subject lines substantially, sending emails separately to Sympatico accounts, etc. We are also working with Carleton’s IT staff and reaching out to Sympatico.

Once again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this issue!