Join Dr. Peter Watson on Wednesday, October 24th to explore “Fifty Years of Darkness: Why We STILL Don’t Know What the Universe is Made of!”

Lecture description: In the late 1960s it became clear there was a lot of material in galaxies that we could not identify. It became known generically as “Dark Matter”. This lecture will include the story of how Vera Rubin and her group started the controversy, and how physicists and astronomers scrambled to explain the observations. In the years since then, our understanding of what this material is NOT has become much more precise, but unfortunately that only deepens the mystery. And then Dark Energy came along to further confuse us!

Lecturer biography: Peter Watson learned physics and math at Edinburgh and Durham universities, and joined Carleton University in 1974, becoming chair of the Physics Department and then Dean of Science. He has worked at CERN in Switzerland, Oxford and Edinburgh Universities, and spent two years in Nigeria. In addition to a 40 year research career in theoretical physics, he has taught a wide variety of courses at all levels, many involving innovative teaching methods. Although he retired in June 2008, he has continued to teach, give public lectures and do research.

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