The LinR administrative team and lecturers certainly miss seeing the program’s participants, and send you our best wishes. The admin team is now working remotely, and the best way to reach us is via our email address, For the next 18 months, Tracy will be away and we have welcomed Jessica to our team.

We are currently addressing emergency issues caused by the cancellation of our Early and Late Spring sessions, including refunds to all Spring registrants. If you have not heard about your refund yet, it is still in progress; you DO NOT need to request it. We regret the long wait time and will notify participants via email when their refunds are completed. Participants who paid with credit cards can then verify the payment return on their next credit card statement.

We continue to make progress on an automated registration system to improve the registration experience. We are also exploring our options for online learning, and plan to poll all LinR participants about this possibility soon. We remain committed to the program and appreciation your participation in it. We look forward to seeing you again!