Dave SchroederDave Schroeder is a bassist, guitarist, composer, and educator based in Ottawa, Canada. After completing his Bachelor of Music Honours degree in 2004, Dave was awarded a Senate Medal from Carleton University. In 2005, he began studying at the graduate level at the University of Manitoba. In 2006, Dave relocated to Florida to study at the world-renowned University of Miami. He completed a Master of Music degree in Jazz Performance in 2008 and was awarded a full scholarship to pursue Doctoral studies. In 2011, Dave received a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Miami, becoming the only Canadian electric bassist ever to attain this honour. He has also spent time studying at Berklee College of Music. In 2009, Dave received a Downbeat Magazine Student Music Award for his work with The University of Miami Funk-Fusion Ensemble. In 2015 the Beeched Wailers released their debut album with Dave on bass, and in 2017 Dave played on the album “Shades of Brazil” by Grammy nominated L.A. based vocalist Jelsa Paleo. His latest release came in 2018, a jazz fusion project with Wayne Eagles on guitar and Boston area drummer Lee Fish. Dave currently teaches music history and theory at Carleton University, and is very active as an in-demand session bassist and guitarist.

Dr. Schroeder has taught for Learning in Retirement since 2015. Read what participants have said about “The History of Jazz”:

• ***** (5/5 stars) I was most satisfied with the combination of jazz history (presented by Dr. Schroeder and illustrated by an appropriate range of video clips); the mechanics of jazz tunes (skillfully explained and demonstrated on electric bass guitar); and personal presentations by 3 impressive jazz musicians from the Ottawa jazz community in our classroom was, without doubt, awesome. By the attentiveness, questions, and applause from our classmates, Dr. Schroeder deserves top points for this class. I could shut my eyes for a moment and imagine I was in a series in New York City. Bravo for an engaging approach to a unique subject.

• The lecturer had an enormous amount of knowledge about jazz and is an Ottawa jazz musician. I really enjoyed hearing his stories about his experiences and anecdotes about the people we were studying. I also loved having him show/explain the techniques involved in jazz performance. And having his friends come in to play. I really looked forward to attending this lecture series each week.

• Dr. Schroeder is a wonderful lecturer; passionate, knowledgeable, responsive, and has the ability to give enough background to make the subject matter even more interesting. He had a lot of material to cover but managed to fit it all in. I’ll look for more lectures given by him.

• Dr. Schroeder was wonderful. Aside from knowing the subject matter, he interjected interesting stories, talked about the jazz scene in Ottawa, and brought in local musicians. I knew nothing about jazz and now I am hooked. Can’t wait to take the next series that he gives. Congratulations for a fun and exciting class.

• Dr. Schroeder taught the series in a very engaging manner that covered a lot of ground, and went to varying depths, some of which were more relevant to more knowledgeable participants (but without losing those of us without such training).