Monia MazighMonia Mazigh is an academic, author and human rights advocate. She was the former National Coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group. Mazigh was born and raised in Tunisia and immigrated to Canada in 1991. She was catapulted onto the public stage in 2002 when her husband, Maher Arar, was deported to Syria where he was tortured and held without charge for over a year. She campaigned tirelessly for his release. Mazigh holds a PhD in finance from McGill University. In 2008, she published a memoir about her pursuit of justice, Hope and Despair, shortlisted for the Ottawa Book Award. In 2014, she published her first novel, Mirrors and Mirages. It was short listed for the Book Trillium Award and for the Ottawa Book Award. Her second novel, Hope Has Two Daughters, was published in January 2017 by Anansi House. She writes in her blog at

Dr. Mazigh has taught seven times for Learning in Retirement since 2014. Read what participants have said about “The History of Financial Crisis”:

  • The lecturer was excellent. She knew all aspects of the subject very well and most importantly she was a very good lecturer. I would highly recommend that if someone has an interest in the subject presented by her that they register for her lecture series.
  • Dr. Mazigh’s lectures were well prepared and well presented. She had a very good rapport with the class. There was plenty of time for questions and answers. A bonus was that she has a very good sense of humour. This is the second of Dr. Mazigh’s Learning in Retirement sessions that I have attended. I have participated in a number of these lecture series. Hers are among the best. Thank you Dr. Mazigh.
  • Dr. Mazigh was excellent! The material was thorough, well presented, and she knew it thoroughly. She welcomed questions while keeping us focused and on track. Great series!
  • The lecturer knew her subject matter extremely well and was able to deliver her material clearly with enthusiasm, knowledge and obviously a love of interest in her subject of “the history of financial crises”.  Every session was presented with lots of examples for better understanding. She is quite an amazing lecturer.  I knew very little about the financial world until I took this lecture.  The material presented over the time frame included in the lectures was so well presented that I could hardly wait a week for the next lecture.  I definitely would recommend her lecture series.
  • I was most satisfied with 1. The topic – key financial crises since 1796, and as context, the evolution of economic theories. 2. the series content and presentation left me wanting for more (e.g. a series on economic theories; the economic history of gold; how the stock market works; cryptocurrencies — history and future)
  • The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable, always well prepared and presented the information in a very informative and entertaining manner.  She receives top marks in all regards.
  • I found the overview on economics (the first lecture) very helpful. I also like that the sessions began on time and that we had little time for breaks so we were able to cover everything in the class outline plus more.
  • Fulfilled expectations and covered a lot of information in limited time.  Definitely gained knowledge of areas I was not previously familiar with.
  • I much appreciated the lecturer taking the time to answer questions from the attendees. She clearly had no preconceived prejudices regarding any of the material. Extremely well presented into leaving us the pleasure of coming to our own conclusions on this vital subject.
  • The topics were discussed at the optimal depth to be able to understand without being mired in too much detail.
  • Good overview of History of Financial Crises and how these events shaped the current structure of our current Financial systems (Banks etc.). Good presentation of key elements of Capitalist systems.
  • Dr. Mazigh provided excellent notes and presented content in a well-structured easily comprehended manner. Dr. Mazigh also answered all questions in detail with strong commitment to ensure understanding. The lecture series provided an excellent overview of economic history that helped me to focus independent research into specific questions of personal interest. I therefore found the lecture series good value.
  • The lecturer was very knowledgeable and her presentation was very clear.
  • The material was well-organized and well-presented — amazing content for a mere 12 hours of delivery.
  • I was most satisfied with Dr. Mazigh’s excellent knowledge of the material. The historical background and major crises were covered in the right amount of detail.