Early Spring 2017 Session

Class Notes

As readings become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Lecture series 1

Seven Wonders of the Muslim Civilization

H. Masud Taj

Lecture series 2

Famous Artists of the Italian Renaissance

Adriane Aboud

Lecture series 3

Road Trip USA: Exploring the Musical History of Six American Cities

Keith McCuaig

Lecture series 4

Plagues to Pandemics: Our Struggle to Understand and Control Infectious Diseases

Dr. Alan Mortimer

Lecture series 5

Germany from 1871 to the Present

Dr. Marcel Jesenský

Lecture series 6

Women and Islam

Dr. Monia Mazigh

Lecture series 7

History of Human Nature

Dr. Neven Leddy

“Start with Las Casas and then move on to Vitoria if you’re still keen”

Lecture series 8

Impact of Vitamins and Nutrients on Neurological Function

Dr. Nafisa Jadavji

Lecture series 9

The Planning History of Canada’s Capital

Michael Lait

Lecture series 10

Science, Faith, and Society

Dr. Colin Cordner