Early Spring 2018 Session Class Notes

As readings/resources become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Kindly note: While many Learning in Retirement lecturers will share their slides and other additional reading materials, not all will. We appreciate your understanding.

Lecture Series 1

Seven Wonders of the Muslim Civilization

H. Masud Taj

Lecture Series 2

Buddhism: Living a Buddhist Way

Tan Ngo

Lecture Series 3

Introduction to Hip Hop Culture

Keith McCuaig

Lecture Series 4

Famous Artists of the Italian Renaissance

Adriane Aboud

Lecture Series 5

Worlds in Points of Light

Robert Dick

Lecture Series 6

From Village to Empire: A Brief History of the Roman Empire

Dr. Marcel Jesenský

Lecture Series 7

Israel/Palestine: Can it Ever be Solved?

Dr. Peter Larson

Lecture Series 8

Russia after Communism: Great Power or Regime in Decline?

Dr. Andrea Chandler

Lecture Series 9

Great Ideas in Biology

Dr. Alan Mortimer

Lecture Series 10

Biological Warfare: Modern Medicine vs. Modern Disease

Dr. Daniel Burnside

Language Workshop 1

Spanish Conversation for Travellers I

Dr. Ioana Dimitriu

  • Language workshop outline (not applicable)