Fall 2017 – Session II

Class Notes

As readings become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Lecture Series 1

Israel/Palestine: Can it Ever be Solved?

Dr. Peter Larson

Lecture Series 2

Solidarity Forever: The Labour Movement Through Song

Dr. Stephen Richer

Lecture Series 3

Women and Islam

Dr. Monia Mazigh

Lecture Series 4

France in the Era of Louis XIV

Dr. Michael Dawson

Lecture Series 5

Writing Stories From My Life

Dr. Anna Rumin

Lecture Series 6

The Art of Memoir and Travel Writing

Laurie Gough

Lecture Series 7

Impressionism and Beyond (Daytime)

Angela Marcus

Lecture Series 8

African American Music of the 1940s -1970s: Blues, R&B, Soul and Funk

Keith McCuaig

Lecture Series 9

From Longhouse to Lumber to Legislation: An Anecdotal History of Ottawa

Phil Jenkins

Lecture Series 10

The Ottoman Empire: From Expanding Power to the Sick Man of Europe

Oksana Drozdova

Lecture Series 11

The Balkans: Powder Keg of Europe

Oksana Drozdova

Lecture Series 12

Modern Korean History, (1876 – Present)

Dr. Brendan Wright

Lecture Series 13

A Canadian Perspective on Musical Theatre

Susan Blyth-Schofield

Language Series 1

Spanish Conversation for Travellers II

Ioana Dimitriu