Fall 2019 – Single Lecture Presentations
Class Notes

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Kindly note: While many Learning in Retirement lecturers will share their slides and other additional reading materials, not all will. We appreciate your understanding.

Lecture 1 – Why Crosswords are NOT Helping you Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Lecturer: Ashley Thompson

Lecture 2 – Ottawa as Crown and Town: A Walking Tour of the Monuments of Elgin Street
Lecturer: Dr. Tonya Davidson

Lecture 3 – Five Fascinating Muslim Queens
Lecturer: H. Masud Taj

Lecture 4 – Music for Curious Ears: An Introduction to Unusual Musical Equipment
Lecturer: Dr. Jesse Stewart

Lecture 6 – Religion and Politics, in Canada and the United States
Lecturer: Dr. Tom Sherwood

Lecture 7 – Building on Words; Words on Buildings
Lecturer: H. Masud Taj

Lecture 8 – A Women’s Tour of Ottawa
Lecturer: Dr. Tonya Davidson

Lecture 9 – Front-row Seats at a Canadian Space Launch in Kazakhstan
Lecturer: Elizabeth Howell

Lecture 10 – Forced Migration: Understanding the Global Refugee Crisis
Lecturer: Dr. Joseph Landry

Lecture 11 – Mercy, the Afterlife, and the End of Capital Punishment in Canada
Lecturer: Dr. Joel Kropf

Lecture 12 – Out of Alabama: From American Enslavement to Freedom and Exile in Africa
Lecturer: Dr. James Miller and Dr. Mary Margaret Johnston-Miller

Lecture 13 – How to Read the Landscape
Lecturer: Dr. Elena Ponomarenko

Lecture 14 – Marihuana: Is It High Times or Is It Keep Off the Grass?
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Fried

Lecture 16 – Climate Change as an Ethical Dilemma
Lecturer: Dr. Nalini Ramlakhan

Lecture 17 – Populism’s Appeal and Impact
Lecturer: Dr. Milana Nikolko

Lecture 18 – Brexit: Causes and Consequences
Lecturer: Dr. André Lecours

Lecture 19 – Wish Upon a Falling Star: Meteors and Meteorites
Lecturer: Howard Simkover

Lecture 20 – The Power of 0 and 1
Lecturer: Dr. Kevin Cheung

Lecture 21 – Fragile States and Transnational Terrorism
Lecturer: Dr. Joseph Landry

Lecture 22 – How Canadians are Conquering the Ballet World
Lecturer: Katherine Barber

Lecture 24 – You Can Learn to Read Russian!
Lecturer: Dr. Marina Sabanadze

Lecture 25 – Iran’s Political System and the Making of Foreign Policy
Lecturer: Dr. Farhad Rezaei

Lecture 26 – Deep Underground, Looking for Dark Matter
Lecturer: Dr. Simon Viel

Lecture 27 – Bad Movie Physics
Lecturer: Dr. Andrew Robinson

Lecture 28 – Democracy and Rule of Law Now
Lecturer: Dianne George

Lecture 29 – Music and Technology
Lecturer: Keith McCuaig

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Lecture 30 – The Remarkable Cultural Impact of the Haitian Revolution
Lecturer: Dr. Philip Kaisary

Lecture 31 – The Jazz Fusion Era
Lecturer: Wayne Eagles

Lecture 32 – How Real is a Real Number?
Lecturer: Dr. Kevin Cheung