Picture of LinR lecturer H. Masud TajH. Masud Taj, award winning adjunct professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, wrote on the Bombay Zoo in his series on Public Places (Habitat Forum Berlin conference in Mumbai). A decade later he held his first solo exhibition “Downloading Animals” at Alliance Francaise de Bombay. His book Alphabestiary (with exegesis by Bruce Meyer) featured at the International Festival of Authors, Toronto. Last year his two-month round-the-world-without-a-cellphone lecture-tour visiting thirteen cities and delivering sixteen lectures culminated with solo exhibition of his zoomorphic calligraphy at an Animal Rights event at the University of Sydney. He is a lapsed vegetarian.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about “Alphabestiary”:

  • “The lecturer presented thorough video, books and talks of fascinating potpourri of scientific facts, quirky art, ad and music correlations, ethical questions, animal/ human interactions, ecological interactions, etc., related to a selection of animals from microscopic to huge. It was endlessly surprising and delightful. He also provided links to his source videos and books he used and recommended so we can easily explore further. A highly recommended series!”
  • “I thought this series was fantastic in its opportunities for further study presented by the lecturer. He went to SO much trouble to ensure we got the readings, videos, etc. we might want if we wanted to study further. His presentations were eclectic to say the least and I came away from a course I was initially dubious about (I went with a friend) feeling I had been a guest at a banquet. Thank you.”
  • “Enjoyed the lecturer’s perspective on the world. Very imaginative and his fascination for nature and animals is catching. Enjoyed the connections to science and discovery.”
  • “Eclectic inclusion of poetry, music, scientific info and Taj’s authentic point of view.”
  • “It was not at all what I expected.  It turned out to be one of the series I have enjoyed the most — not particularly scholarly but excellent as a general interest series.”
  • “I took it because it was not something I knew much about and it has done exactly what I hoped – opened new avenues of interest for me.  Great series and great selection of material to present it.”

See here to read more about Taj’s calligraphy exhibition at the Animal Rights event held at the University of Sydney.