Picture of LinR lecturer H. Masud Taj

H. Masud Taj is an award winning adjunct professor at the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, and survivor of car-crash and a heart attack that left him with five stents. His architectural projects include the Navy Memorial and the House of Last Days which was commissioned by a dying client. He has featured at International Festival of Authors, Toronto; his book on an Indian apprentice to Architect Frank Lloyd Wright is archived in the Special Collection of Carleton University Library. His Embassy of Liminal Spaces calligraphy is a permanent installation in a Canadian Chancery abroad and the book is inducted in the Library of Parliament.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about “How Outstanding Architects Live (& Die)”:

  • “We are very fortunate to have such an exceptionally knowledgeable and fascinating lecturer. His grasp and passion for the subject he presents, as well as his humor and his generosity in sharing bibliographies, videos books etc. really make the various topics come to life. I took his lecture last autumn as well and have signed up for his next one! Very inspiring.”
  • “It was clear the lecturer (Masud Taj) is extremely interested in his subject and does an enormous amount of preparation for the classes. His enthusiasm carries the participants along, and makes us wish we had all day to listen to the stories and connections made by him.”
  • “Lecturer Taj enriched an outstanding lecture series with fascinating personal anecdotes regarding many of the highlighted architects, in addition to his unique professional insights regarding the genius and creativity embodied in their projects. Each lecture was exceptionally well researched and supported by excellent videos. The associated lecture notes provided by Taj will be a lasting legacy of high value for anyone interested in Architecture. Above all, Taj was able to weave each architect into a narrative fabric of historical and cultural context that made each one a relatable living personality rather than just a name tagged to a bunch of buildings! This lecture was a remarkable learning experience.”
  • “Taj has the rare ability to present both breadth and depth of knowledge in every lecture. He is a gift to this university and anywhere he makes a presentation.”
  • “Taj is an enthusiastic and engaging lecturer. He puts a lot of thought and research into the preparation of each lecture, and delivers a perfect balance of spoken lecture and audio-visual material, interspersed with wonderful anecdotal stories. Taj has a wonderful ability to dig deeper into the story of each architect, to find the hidden gem within. He delivers these stories to a captive audience with his trademark humour, generosity, and passion. I enjoyed the series immensely, and have gained a greater understanding about the world of architects and architecture. I have taken a few of Taj’s lectures in the past, and will definitely come back for more.”
  • “Taj has a wealth of experience and is widely read. He knows how to share his knowledge with students in a scholarly but engaging way. He packs his lectures with videos and reading material which makes each session interesting and informative.”

See here to read about H. Masud Taj’s essay recollections of an Unconventional Pedagogy, which was featured in Stories of Teaching at Carleton University.