Keith McCuaig

Photo credit: Anita Grace.

With an MA in Music and Culture, and over twenty years’ experience as a musician, Keith McCuaig is dedicated to all things music and art. He loves exploring the histories of popular music, especially the interconnectedness of genres, and the socio-cultural significance of music. Keith has extensive experience in researching, writing and teaching a variety of music-related topics; he has taught courses through Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, and presented at international musicology conferences. From performing, writing, and recording, to lecturing, giving music lessons, and working with community music programs, Keith’s life and passion is music.

Keith is a popular Learning in Retirement lecturer who has taught over a dozen offerings in the last three years. Read what participants have said about “The Finer Points of Listening to Music”:

  • Keith is a fun, knowledgeable, and passionate lecturer. He has really done his homework and research in putting this lecture together. It is likely I will take every lecture he gives because he is so much fun and I always learn lots from him.
  • Keith McCuaig obviously has a real love of music. His enthusiasm and knowledge increased my enjoyment of music and has turned me from a passive listener to an active one. This, I think, was what he was trying to do for the class.
  • Perfect balance of new information presented with connections to what we already knew. Excellent scaffolding of material and content. Wide range of music used and increased my appreciation for many genres. Excellent teacher.
  • Keith is an excellent lecturer. The topic was fascinating and so well presented. I can’t wait to take another lecture from Keith next fall or winter.
  • I loved all of it, the mixed use of slides, music, and videos. Keith is phenomenal!
  • The series was excellent and I learned a lot about various instruments and music. I very much enjoyed the entire series and especially liked listening to all the different instruments and types of music.

Read what participants have said about “African American Music of the 1940s-1970s”:

  • Keith is a lovely gentle soul who is very respectful of the students. It was his approach combined with learning something about genres of music I was not familiar with that were the most satisfying aspects of the series for me.
  • Keith McCuaig is a rare talent – passionate and knowledgeable about his subject – infectious in his enthusiasm! A talented musician in his own right!
  • The lecturer was able to provide historical context, along with basic explanations of musical theory, for great songs in African American music.
  • The lecturer was so very cool. His ability to demonstrate on the guitar was an added bonus and his choice of music…outstanding. Class was informative but also SO MUCH FUN!!