Late Fall 2019 Session

Class Notes

As readings/resources become available, they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Kindly note: While many Learning in Retirement lecturers will share their slides and other additional reading materials, not all will. We appreciate your understanding.

Lecture Series 1 – How Outstanding Architects Live (& Die)
Lecturer: H. Masud Taj

Lecture Series 2 – I Ain’t Marching Anymore:Songs of War and Peace
Lecturer: Dr. Stephen Richer

Lecture Series 3 – Matters of the Heart: Comprehensive Cardiology
Lecturer: Sarah Beanlands

Lecture Series 4 – Art Appreciation: Renaissance to Romanticism (Daytime) 
Lecturer: Angela Marcus

Lecture Series 5 – Behind the Headlines: Current News and World Events 
Lecturer: Dr. Elliot Tepper

  • Lecture series outline not applicable

Lecture Series 6 – Babylon to the Big Bang: The Rest of the Journey
Lecturer: Dr. Peter Watson

Lecture Series 7 – Women and Islam: Advanced Topics (Politics, Sexuality, Fiction and More)
Lecturer: Dr. Monia Mazigh

Lecture Series 8 – The Weird World of Neuroscience
Lecturer: Ashley Thompson

Lecture Series 9 – Structures of the Mind: Cognition, Memory, Perception, Emotion, Intelligence and More
Lecturer: Misha Sokolov

Lecture Series 10 – Rock in the Late 1960s and Beyond
Lecturer: Keith McCuaig

Lecture Series 11 – The Hollywood Masterworks of Alfred Hitchcock 
Lecturer: Dr. David Jarraway

Lecture Series 12 – Is There a Universal Truth about How One Should Live One’s Life? 
Lecturer: Dr. Gordon Davis

Lecture Series 13 – Art Appreciation: Renaissance to Romanticism (Evening)
Lecturer: Angela Marcus

Lecture Series 14 – Learning to Look at the Gallery: Navigating the Mysteries of the Art World
Lecturer: Maria Martin

Lecture Series 15 – Classics of Detective Fiction: From the 1960s to Today
Lecturer: Stefani Nielson

Lecture Series 16 – A Brief History of the Cold War
Lecturer: Dr. Marcel Jesenský

Lecture Series 17 – World Religions
Lecturer: Dr. Farhad Rezaei

Lecture Series 18 – The Archetypes of the Greek Pantheon: From Human to Divine
Lecturer: Susan Sandul

Writing Workshop 1 – The Personal Journal: A Springboard for Memoir
Lecturer: Dr. Anna Rumin

  • Writing workshop outline

Writing Workshop 2 – Elements of Fiction: Core Skills and Concepts for Storytellers
Lecturer: Kate Heartfield

Writing Workshop 3 – Writing the Stories on My Life: Remembering Through Reading
Lecturer: Dr. Anna Rumin

  • Writing workshop outline

Language Workshop 1 – Italian for Travellers Level I, Part II (Mon/Wed)
Lecturer: Carla Bonora

Language Workshop 2 – Italian for Travellers Level I, Part II (Tues/Fri) – CANCELLED
Lecturer: Carla Bonora

Language Workshop 3 – Spanish for Travellers Level II
Lecturer: Dr. Ioana Dimitriu