Marcel Jesensky

Dr. Marcel Jesenský is a specialist on the United Nations, international relations, diplomacy and European history. He holds a PhD in History (University of Ottawa). His first book The Slovak-Polish Border, 1918-1947 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014) chronicles the legacy of the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. His latest book The United Nations under Ban Ki-moon: Give Diplomacy a Chance (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019) narrates the story of the United Nations under Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in the decade 2007–2016. Dr. Jesenský teaches at the University of Ottawa and Carleton University, and his current research focuses on the history of the United Nations after 1945.

Read what participants have said about “A Brief History of the Cold War”:

  • Very knowledgeable lecturer. Takes the time to answer questions with respect and insight but at the same time keeps the session going.
  • Good overview of the cold war.
  • The lecturer started the series by setting out the three main theories, as they have evolved over time, which formed a strong base on which he then built on over the course of the lecture series. He also did a good job, given his limited time, in providing interesting views and analysis on influences and developments that shaped events, particularly on the US side.
  • Interesting to hear about the cold war from the perspective of the USSR. Grew up hearing the US propaganda. Refreshing and interesting information.
  • Superb lecturer. Extremely knowledgeable. Provided suggested reading list. Fascinating subject matter.
  • The lecturer was extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter and was able to discuss all of the key elements of the cold war. All material very relevant.
  • The level of detail was very good and it seemed comprehensive. I really think I now understand the Cold War much better.
  • Professor Jesensky provided us with an incredible amount of information of which he demonstrated a great mastery. His knowledge of fine details and dates was quite remarkable and he was almost always able to provide context for the issues raised.
  • The lecturer was very knowledgeable and the subject matter very interesting making me want to know more. It was very ambitious to pack a history of the cold war into 12 hours but given the challenge, our prof did an excellent job.
  • I was able to relate to the events as I lived through some of them. I was also able to get more information relating to the different events in history.
  • I was in awe of Dr. Jesensky’s mastery of the details of the subject. I learned a great deal. His description of the cold war as a worldwide battle for hearts and minds was brilliant, and very helpful.

Read what participants have said about “The United Nations: What It Is and Does”:

  • Every lecture was informative, interesting, tightly structured, and clearly conveyed the historical, political, social, economic, and cultural connections to past and present developments associated with the UN’s democratic principles and functions. Dr. Jesenský was extremely responsive to participants’ questions and somehow managed to offer succinct and meaningful responses before returning to the day’s agenda.
  • Lecturer’s knowledge of the subject, his abilities to ask all questions and he was easy to understand. Learned a lot about UN is a very short time. Presenting the video of some of the speeches was very interesting.
  • Dr. Marcel Jesenský is an excellent presenter. This is my second lectures series with him. His knowledge of his topics is astounding and his presentations are well prepared. He presents his knowledge of the topic at a level that is understandable and extremely interesting. His manner is very sincere and humble. He always leaves me wanting to learn more about the topic he presents. Our class felt very fortunate to have him as one of the LinR lecturers.
  • It was a basic overview of the United Nations… structure, responsibilities, etc. Perfect for me as I knew very little about it beforehand. Second item, the lecturer did an excellent job making the lectures interesting when it could have been a very dry.
  • The way it was organized, his depth of knowledge & the fact that he used UN website to illustrate the content. Excellent teaching skills.
  • I signed up because I hadn’t been in an academic environment for decades. I thought of auditing a course or studying towards a degree but this seemed an easy way to expand learning horizons. I enjoyed the systematic way the lecturer approached the subject material and the way he made it interesting with anecdotes and entertaining questions.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about “A Brief History of the Byzantine Empire”:

  • This lecture was truly a voyage of discovery. The complex topic of the history of the Byzantine Empire was presented in a very interesting way using maps, charts, videos and art works of the period. But most importantly, the lecturer’s very insightful comments brought all of this material to life and into the present. I also very much appreciated having access to the lecture material online with a bibliography and links to the video material. That represents a great deal of work and it is a very generous gift. Thank you!
  • Dr. Jesenský is truly amazing. Each lecture was so informative and so interesting. For Dr. Jesenský to speak for two hours holding our attention, interest and pleasure of learning was most enjoyable. Thank you.
  • The lecturer! Dr. Jesenský is an outstanding lecturer – his knowledge is imparted in a way that is most suitable for Learning in Retirement. If he’s teaching… I want to take the lecture series!
  • A greater insight into the complexity of the history of this area from an eastern point of view rather than a Eurocentric one.