May 2018 Evening Lectures

Class Notes

As readings/resources become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Kindly note: While many Learning in Retirement lecturers will share their slides and other additional reading materials, not all will. We appreciate your understanding.

Evening Lecture 1

Keywords & Calligraphy

H. Masud Taj

Evening Lecture 2

All the Gold You Dreamed of

Dr. Peter Watson

Evening Lecture 3

Spirituality and Religion: What are They? What’s the Difference?

Dr. Tom Sherwood

Evening Lecture 4

War Art or War Memorial? What Exactly is Canada’s War Art? – CANCELLED

Evening Lecture 5

Religious Landscape in China and East Asia

Dr. Liyong Dai

Evening Lecture 6

Ballet Laughs: The Surprising Comic Side of a Classical Art

Katherine Barber

Evening Lecture 7

World Travels and Travel Writing: Turning One Passion Into Another

Laurie Gough

Evening Lecture 8

Montreal’s Black Stone: Cultural Significance and Lost Histories

Emily Guy

Evening Lecture 9

English Schminglish: Hebrew and Yiddish Words in English

Katherine Barber

Evening Lecture 10

Is There Still Hope for a 2-State Solution?

Dr. Peter Larson

Evening Lecture 11

Truth and Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine and Canada: Similarities and Differences