Picture of LinR lecturer Misha Sokolov

Misha Sokolov received his undergraduate degree from University of Ottawa in Psychology, and completed the Master of Cognitive Science program at Carleton University, focusing on emotional language production in the psychopathic population. He is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of Psychology at Carleton University, where his research is focused on the linguistic and para-linguistic factors that allow individuals to manipulate others. Aside from research, Misha takes immense meaning from teaching mini-enrichment courses for Ottawa area high school students, as well as lecturing in the Learning in Retirement program. He has a deep personal interest in the philosophy of psychology and philosophy of science.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Misha’s “Theories of Personality and Beyond!” lecture series:

  • Misha was an excellent lecturer – including bits of humour, when appropriate and also used examples to illustrate his points well.
  • The lectures were well structured and presented and discussions were well integrated without getting everyone off track. The lectures were both informative and presented in an entertaining way that made the ideas and theories presented very accessible. Very enjoyable experience. I would take another course from this lecturer.
  • Presentation and knowledge on the subject were excellent. Class was kept focus on subject and lecturer presented information with interesting antidotes. Lecturer was able to control and keep the class going, with ease and grace, when there were participants who wanted to upstage the lecturer or other participants asking questions. Lecturer was very enthusiastic about the subject therefore made me want to learn more.
  • Misha was the perfect lecturer – interesting and interested in his participants. He has a lovely way about him and is a real asset to this Learning in Retirement Program.
  • The material was interesting and Misha is a very good lecturer. He is engaging, responds well to questions and obviously knows his material. His explanations are easy (mostly) to understand, and he’s comfortable acknowledging when he doesn’t have an answer – often because there isn’t an answer.
  • He’s terrific and makes learning most enjoyable.
  • The lecturer was witty and funny at times – to bring a bit of levity to some difficult topics. I would not hesitate to take another series given by him.
  • Interesting course. Misha was very clear and easy to understand. Great sense of humour and timing – had a good rapport with this senior class. Very patient with questions that were asked – very thorough answers given.