Dr. Peter Larson

Peter Larson is the Chair of Canada Talks Israel Palestine, (CTIP) a Canadian human rights organization focusing on the Middle East. His professional career included periods at the Public Policy Forum, the Conference Board of Canada, Le Droit, and as a consultant to labour unions and federal government departments and agencies. For the last 10 years, he has taken a particular interest in human rights issues in the Middle East, visiting Israel, Iran, Jordan, Egypt and the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza. He has also led many trips to Israel/Palestine for Canadians interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the complex Israel/Palestine issue. His presentations are appreciated for being fact-based and balanced. He was the founding Chair of the Middle East Study Group of the Canadian International Council (National Capital Region), and was also a board member of the National Council on Canada Arab Relations, and the first chair of its National Education Committee on Israel/Palestine. In 2012, he was awarded The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal by the Governor General of Canada in recognition of his educational work on Canada Arab relations. Peter holds a PhD in Political Economy from Université de Grenoble, France. In addition to English, he speaks fluent French and passable Italian and Spanish.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Dr. Larson’s lecture series “Israel and the Palestinians: Will It Ever End?”:

  • Very knowledgeable, pleasant, and excellent communicator. Engaged the audience, created a good atmosphere, promoted questions, and yet maintained control of the session at all times.
  • Dr. Larson is a wonderful lecturer. He introduced us to a difficult topic with much insight and empathy. His lectures were clear and he provided lots of information for further study.
  • Peter Larsen’s lectures were both informative and entertaining. This is a difficult subject which he covered quite equally from both “sides”, even having a guest lecturer from both points of view. He also gave us links to related videos before each session and a long reading list for us to gain further knowledge.
  • Dr. Larson is not only extremely knowledgeable, but his delivery (with just the right amount of humour and interaction) kept us interested to the very end. His 2 invited guest speakers were well informed and gave excellent lectures. Thank you for making this possible!
  • Peter did a fantastic job in engaging the group – inviting questions and comments as encouraging participation. He also did a great job in managing the class so that all could be heard and that the time for the main content was not compromised. As a result the class was lively and engaged without any compromise to the quality of the lectures. In tackling a controversial topic Peter was careful to solicit different points of view and his use of guest speakers was helpful in presenting a balanced presentation.
  • Peter offers an engaging, clear analysis based on both his extensive knowledge and personal experience in Israel-Palestine.
  • Dynamic, knowledgeable presenter on a very complex subject matter. Also enjoyed the extra videos and readings provided by email by Dr. Larson.
  • Dr. Larson’s ability to keep us engaged. The two hours literally flew by. His sense of humour helped to keep things lively and interesting.
  • Considering the political nature of the subject matter, I was really pleased with the balanced tone and content of the lectures even though Peter was candid about where he stood on particular issues. I have come away with a much better understanding (awareness) of the complexities of the Israel/Palestine problem. The other thing is that the audience for this lecture series was highly engaged, which made for some very good discussion. Peter was very generous with his time in this regard.