Confirmation of Registration

A registration confirmation, receipt, optional parking pass and map are mailed or emailed to the participant’s address once registration is finalized and payment has been processed. Should a participant register a few days before the lecture series/workshop is scheduled to begin, a Learning in Retirement staff member will hand-deliver these documents in-class, on the first day, in addition to e-mailing a PDF campus map to help orient the participant with the campus (if required).

Drop-In Policy

For those who wish to drop-in to a class please call 613-520-3699 to make arrangements. Dropping-in is subject to space availability and a $20.00 fee, per person, per class.

Lecture Series/Workshop Cancellation

Learning in Retirement (LinR) lecture series/workshops will only be cancelled under the following conditions:

    1. If Carleton University suspends regular credit courses for any reason, we will do the same (and we will contact all participants via e-mail and telephone). This happens extremely rarely.
    2. If the lecturer indicates that she/he cannot come in to teach for a valid reason (illness, family emergency), we will cancel the class and notify all participants by e-mail and by telephone. This happens on occasion but is not frequent.

It should be assumed that Learning in Retirement lecture series/workshops will always run, regardless of weather conditions.

In the event that we cancel a class, a make-up class will be held (usually during the week following the originally scheduled last class). No partial credits will be offered to those who cannot attend the make-up class.

Lecture Series/Workshop Registration

Registration is required for all lecture series/workshops and a variety of registration options are available. Please visit our website at for our registration details and dates.

Lecture Series/Workshop Transfer

Should a participant wish to transfer from one class to another (within the same session), an e-mail or telephone call (613-520-3699) to the Learning in Retirement office is required before the beginning of the second class. A letter or e-mail confirming the participant’s transfer to another class will be sent and should be retained for the participant’s records. Transfers are subject to space availability.

Lecture Series/Workshop Withdrawal

Lecture series/workshop withdrawals must be requested by email or telephone before the beginning of the second class. In this instance, a full registration fee credit will be placed on your Learning in Retirement account at Carleton University. If parking was purchased, a parking credit will be placed on your LinR account as well (subject to proration if the first class was attended and a parking pass was used). These credits do not have an expiry date and can be used towards any future Learning in Retirement session. A letter or e-mail confirming the withdrawal and credit on your account will be sent and should be retained for your records. Any requests for withdrawal following two or more classes are not eligible for credit. We are unable to provide credit or refunds for books, coursepacks, and/or supply fees. There are no refunds (consideration may be given in cases of medical emergency or illness, documentation may be requested).

Lecture Series/Workshop Cancellation due to Insufficient Registration

Lecture series/workshop with fewer than 15 registered participants are subject to cancellation. In the event a lecture series/workshop is cancelled, those registered will be contacted via e-mail and telephone about a week in advance of the originally planned start date and a full refund, full credit or lecture series/workshop transfer will be offered (transferring into another class is subject to space availability).

Lecture Series/Workshop Cancellations due to Unforeseen Circumstances

Rarely a lecture series/workshop will have to be completely cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. lecturer long-term illness or injury). In this event those registered will be contacted via e-mail and telephone as soon as possible and a full refund, full credit or  transfer will be offered (transferring into another lecture series/workshop is subject to space availability).


Full payment of registration fees (and optional parking fees) is due at the time of registration. Acceptable methods of payment include: Visa, Mastercard, cheque or money order. Cheque and money orders are to be made payable to Carleton University and are to be dated for the day they are prepared. If you register by telephone or online and indicate that you are mailing a cheque, we must receive payment within 5 business days, otherwise your registration may be withdrawn. Please never mail cash.

Learning in Retirement lecture series fees and parking fees are both subject to HST.

Priority of Registration

All registrations are processed in sequence by the date/time they were received.

Policy and Price Revisions

From time to time these policies will be revised and new ones will be added. Lecture series/workshop and parking fee increases are also subject to change. We will inform the Learning in Retirement community of changes through postings on our website available at:

Privacy Policy

We believe in your right to privacy. Learning in Retirement at Carleton University never releases its mailing list information to third parties in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act (FIPPA). For complete details on Carleton’s privacy policy, please click here. In addition, Learning in Retirement never keeps credit card numbers on file. If you no longer wish to receive information from the Learning in Retirement program, please e-mail us or call us at 613-520-3699.

Scent Free Policy

Please refrain from using perfumes, colognes, and/or other heavily scented products before attending your Learning in Retirement lecture series/workshop since these may cause allergic or asthmatic reactions that interfere with the health and learning of others.

Waiting List

If a lecture series is full you have the option of being placed on awaiting list. All waiting list requests are processed in sequence by the date/time they were received. Learning in Retirement staff monitor waiting lists daily. When a space becomes available the person at the top of the list will be contacted via telephone and given the opportunity to register and pay for the class. If the first person on the list declines the spot, we then move to the next person on the waiting list.