Picture of LinR Lecturer Robert Dick

Mr. Dick is a Professional Engineer with a B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering and a M.Eng in Aerodynamics. Few people can claim to have combined their passion with their profession. Robert is a life member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and is actively involved at the national level in several fields, for which he has been awarded The President’s Medal and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

As a mechanical engineer he has taken lead positions on several aerospace programs and satellites. Based on his reputation as a communicator and educator, he was invited by the Canadian Space Agency to be the astronomy instructor for the Canadian Astronauts.

The night sky has drawn Robert outside for over 50 years. Robert shares his knowledge and interest with the public and has taught full credit courses on astronomy at Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. Through articles in newspapers and magazines, with contributions to several CD-ROM and DVD products, and appearances on television and radio, Robert brings a lifelong interest and respect for the night sky and night ecology to the public of all ages. With pictures and films, Robert brings the sky alive for audiences of all ages.

Read what participants have said about Robert:

  • Robert Dick had a wealth of background knowledge and was well versed in his topic. He was well prepared for each class and arrived early each week. He did provide humor at times. He had personal experiences to share. He did a thorough review each class.
  • How interesting Robert Dick made the subject and his obvious knowledge of and enthusiasm for astronomy.
  • Robert Dick spoke at a level that was easily understandable for beginners (not too much physics) and has a great delivery and sense of humour.
  • He was a good lecturer and the subject matter was very interesting
  • The lecturer was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject.
  • Lecturer obviously very knowledgeable. Also very approachable and affable.