Picture of LinR lecturer Sarah Beanlands

Since graduating as Valedictorian from her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, Sarah Beanlands has completed a MSc in Health, Science, Technology and Policy and taught at the post-secondary level in multiple settings. As an instructor for Algonquin College, she lectured on theoretical material in classrooms and provided hands-on learning for students in a lab setting. In 2014, she was part of Algonquin College’s Breath of Life Team that travelled to Tanzania to teach local healthcare workers about neonatal resuscitation. Sarah has worked as a registered nurse in a variety of settings, from outpatient adult care as a research assistant, to critical pediatric care at Sick Kids Hospital, and now, as a Public Health Nurse at the Sexual Health Centre and the Safe Injection Site.

Sarah and her lecture series, “Matters of the Heart: Comprehensive Cardiology” are featured in this Apt613 article.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Sarah’s “Matters of the Heart: Comprehensive Cardiology” lecture series:

  • This was such a super series – thoroughly enjoyed it.   Wish everyone had the opportunity to take it.
  • Excellent content – the lecturer was terrific – I would take a another class from Ms. Beanlands in a heartbeat – she is mature and professional way beyond her years.
  • Sarah covered an incredible amount of material. She was very organized. Sarah explained concepts very well. She was responsive to questions yet kept control of the pace of lectures. I learned a lot.
  • I particularly liked Beanlands’ ability to answer questions on the fly over a wide range of topics. I also liked the fact that she related her material to patients she has treated over the years. She demonstrated both an academic and practical knowledge of the material.
  • Sarah is a great lecturer with a wealth of information. Her presentation and explanations were excellent. I would definitely take another lecture from her again and won’t hesitate to recommend this and any other lectures that she would do. Many thanks to her and the LinR for this lecture series.
  • Sarah Beanlands covered a LOT of material, and she answered the class’s questions knowledgeably and clearly. She tied the material together, both within a lecture and between lectures. The hands-on exercise of interpreting an ECG in the first class made the material more concrete and helped us understand the subsequent lectures better.
  • Again, thank you. I would attend any lecture Sarah Beanlands offers.
  • I learned SO much and I am truly appreciative to have been able to attend this lecture series. Having heart issues myself, I have received knowledge and answers which in turn provide me with the power to best look after my health issued. Thank you Carleton for this series.