Stefani NeilsonStefani Nielson studied undergraduate literature and publishing at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. After working with a Vancouver non-fiction publisher, she subsequently taught writing courses while completing an MA in American Literature at Pennsylvania State University, researching for the Ernest Hemingway Collected Letters Project. After moving to Ottawa in 2006, Stefani completed an MA in Modern Philosophy and Cultural Issues. Stefani has worked as a freelance editor and writer for local publications. From 2014 to 2016, Stefani lectured for Carleton’s Learning in Retirement program and the University of Ottawa’s Continuing Education program on such topics as travel writing, 20th century American fiction and detective fiction. Stefani currently works with the Government of Canada as a technical writer and training adviser for technology projects. She enjoys films and gardening.

Ms. Nielson has taught several series for Learning in Retirement. Read what participants have said about her latest two series, “Great 20th Century Mystery and Suspense Fiction” and “Exploring America through Regional Fiction 20th Century Classics”:

• The lecturer was always extremely well prepared and clearly understands a lot about a vast array of literary genres. She lectures well with just the right tone. She shows both intellectual depth and emotional sensitivity to the material. She manages the room and diverse opinions well and is very respectful. She was also energetic and has a good sense of humour. The material was chosen well and the rationale for the choices was well explained.

• Stefani did an excellent job of tracing her topic from its origins through its various developments. Her style is comfortable, encourages discussion and is touched with humour.

• I mostly read for enjoyment and don’t analyze books. I found it very interesting to discuss themes in each book and the background of the authors and of the time the books were written. It brought a new perspective to each novel which I enjoyed very much. The lecturer was very knowledgeable and well prepared. I felt this was a University level lecture.

• Stefani was incredibly well-prepared and had a universe of information at hand. And, she engendered lively discussion from the class. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about a literature class in decades.

• The lecturer was extremely well organized, providing relevant, interesting information about the literature, regional culture, and the authors. I would take a lecturer with this lecturer again at any time. She was excellent.

• Stefani Nielson did a fabulous job of presenting the material. She has great knowledge of this period of American writers.