Summer 2018 Session Class Notes

As readings/resources become available they will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly for updates!

Kindly note: While many Learning in Retirement lecturers will share their slides and other additional reading materials, not all will. We appreciate your understanding.

Lecture Series 1

Muslims and Mountain-City Palaces

H. Masud Taj

Lecture Series 2

History of Western Architecture

Raymond Stern

Lecture Series 3

Summer Look Club at CUAG

Fiona Wright

Lecture Series 4

Road Trip USA: Exploring the Musical History of Four American Cities

Keith McCuaig

Lecture Series 5

Famous Women in The Quran – LECTURE SERIES CANCELLED

Dr. Monia Mazigh

Lecture Series 6

Jewels of the Night Sky

Robert Dick

Lecture Series 7

Growing a Culture: The History of Ottawa’s Musicians, Artists, Writers, and Architects: 1850 to Present

Phil Jenkins