Picture of LinR lecturer Susan Sandul

Susan Sandul holds a Master of Arts degree in Religious Studies, and Bachelor of Arts degrees specializing in English, Classical Studies and Religious Studies. She worked in the federal public service for thirty years as a Labour Relations Advisor and Conflict Resolution Specialist, delivering workshops in effective communications skills and conflict management. Susan developed and taught a six-week course on the Greek gods for the University of Ottawa’s Continuing Education program. Passionate about ancient cultures, she has been a volunteer for over ten years at the Canadian Museum of History, conducting learning activities for the public in special exhibitions. In her quest to understand human nature, Susan is convinced that the study of mythology not only enriches our lives today, but also helps us to understand ourselves.

Read what participants have said they enjoyed most about Susan’s “The Archetypes of the Greek Pantheon: From Human to Divine” single lecture presentation. The many requests for more lectures from Susan has led to a 6 week lecture series this Fall 2019.

  • Susan was so enthusiastic in her presentation. You could tell she clearly loves her subject matter and has extensive knowledge of it.
  • Very knowledgeable lecturer who clearly loves the material. Experienced at lecturing and explaining. Handled questions/comments well.
  • Lecturer was well prepared, used her slides well, spoke clearly and welcomed participation. The slides were easy to see and the lecturer’s voice was easy to hear. I really enjoyed the fact that she was so enthusiastic about her topic.
  • Lecturer was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. Her slide deck was populated with very interesting data and she related many anecdotes and fascinating related stories during the presentation. The topic was vast (far bigger than I realized) and I believe it would make a fantastic 6-week series.
  • Excellent overview of a very complex subject with just the right amount of anecdotal comments. Great command of the subject. Presented with humour.
  • The enthusiasm and competence of the lecturer. Her love of the material.
  • This is a great topic that leads into many directions in understanding art, myths, and literature.
  • The lecturer’s knowledge and ability to impart it. The amount of information that was imparted in a short period of time. The bibliography is very useful.