Mike standing in front of his poster expressing emotionMy name’s Mike and I’m the CALL Consulting Analyst here in the School of Linguistics & Language Studies.  This means I support students and their instructors in the use of technology in their language labs and classes.  I also coordinate the activities, events, and general day-to-day running of the Language Learning Resource Centre.

I really enjoy the work I do…like…a lot.  One of my favourite moments of the day is passing by the LLRC and hearing the room buzzing with all sorts of conversations in all sorts of languages.  Shout out to everyone who makes the room such a language-y place to be!


Isabella standing in front of autumn treesHi! My name is Isabella and I am a fourth year Linguistics student in the Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders concentration. This is my first year working in the LLRC and I am so glad that I joined the amazing team! As of now I am only fluent in English, however, I am slowly but surely working on my Italian.

I am very interested in anything to do with language! I love talking about travel, music, culture, and most importantly, food. Some of my other interests include communication, bilingual/ multilingualism, and speech and language disorders. In fact, I’m currently working on my thesis investigating bilingual and multilingual individuals!

One of my responsibilities as an LLRC team member is managing the conversation group and TA schedule so if you ever have questions about groups or events, I’m your go-to person! Looking forward to seeing you in the LLRC!


Makua peeks out from behind a doorWei! I’m Makua (Mack-Qua) and I’m a second year in Global International Studies with a concentration in Social Justice and Global Law. This is my first year on the LLRC team and my job at the LLRC includes a little bit of everything, from putting posters, to talking to TAs, stocking books and ESL conversation group.  I love languages and at the moment I speak English, Mandarin Chinese, and some French. Hopefully, in the future, I can add Spanish and Portuguese to my list. In general, I loving talking and socializing but I especially love different languages and learning how other people learn languages. I’ve had just begun my traveling journey, in which I have traveled to a couple of US states, China, and around Canada. I’m a very easy going person so if you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask. Hope to see you soon!!!!


Noelle leans against the wallHi! Kamusta! Annyeong! My name is Noelle, and I am a fourth year Communication and Media Studies student. This is my second year working at the Language Learning Resource Centre, and I am very happy to be back.

I’m fluent in both English and Tagalog, and currently learning Korean (partly because I’ve gotten tired of reading subtitles while watching K-dramas). My aim post-graduation is to travel as much as I can for as long as I can, eating different types of food along the way. I love learning about different cultures, and I think the best way to do that is through travel and food. So if you are ever in the LLRC, please suggest some travel recommendations!

I am the go-to graphic design person at the LLRC, and one of my responsibilities is creating and updating the fun slideshow the plays on the TV. If you have any language or culture related events that you want the LLRC to promote, I can help you!


Valeria in a restaurant.  Sign on the ceiling reads "comer, beber, bailar, y gozar"Hi there! My name is Valeria and I am a 2nd year economics student. I speak Spanish, English, and currently I’m learning French. I lead Spanish conversation groups on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 a.m. We talk about everyday life (school, hobbies, etc.) or go over topics seen in class. Anything to help you improve your Spanish skills! Hope to see you around!