Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:

Engineering Electives

Depending on your program, the rules for what you can use as an engineering elective are different.  Please visit the correct program progression chart here:

Note that in some programs, you can use core courses from other programs as an elective.

Courses that are offered by the MAAE department exclusively as electives this year are listed below.

Fall 2017

AERO 4304 Computational Fluid Dynamics

AERO 4402 Aerospace Propulsion

MECH 4006 Vehicle Engineering – I

MECH 4407 Heating and Air Conditioning

MECH 4503 Intro to Robotics

MECH 4604 Finite Element Methods

MECH 4805 – Measurement and Data Systems

MAAE 4906E Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

Winter 2018

AERO 4009 Aviation Management and Certification

MECH 4007 Vehicle Engineering II

MECH 4101 Mechanics of Deformable Solids


MECH 4806 Mechatronics

MAAE 4906A – Nuclear Power Plant Design

MAAE 4906C Corrosion and Corrosion Control

MAAE 4906F – Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals