MAAE2101-W18-Outline-FINAL(Syllabi are posted as they become available.)

1st Year Courses | 2nd Year Courses | 3rd Year Courses | 4th Year Courses | Graduate & Piggybacked

1st Year Courses

ECOR 1010 Introduction to Engineering

2nd Year Courses

MAAE 2001 Engineering Graphical Design
MAAE 2101 Engineering Dynamics
MAAE 2202 Mechanics of Solids I
MAAE 2300 Fluid Mechanics I
MAAE 2400 Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
MAAE 2700 Engineering Materials

3rd Year Courses

AERO 3002 Aerospace Design & Practice
AERO 3101 Lightweight Structures
AERO 3841 Spacecraft Design
MAAE 3004 Dynamics of Machinery
MAAE 3202 Mechanics of Solids II
MAAE 3300 Fluid Mechanics II
MAAE 3400 Applied Thermodynamics
MAAE 3901 Mech. & Aero. Engineering Lab
MECH 3002 Machine Design and Practice
MECH 3700 Principles of Manufacturing
MECH 3710 Biomaterials

4th Year Courses

AERO 4009 Aviation Management and Certification
AERO 4308 Aircraft Stability & Control
AERO 4442 Transatmospheric and Spacecraft Propulsion
AERO 4540 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
AERO 4602 Introductory Aeroelasticity
MAAE 4500 Feedback Control Systems
MAAE 4906 C Corrosion and Corrosion Control
MAAE 4906 E Nuclear Engineering
MAAE 4906 F Reactor Thermal Hydraulic Fundamentals
MAAE 4907A 4th Year Project – Fixed Wing UAV
MAAE 4907B 4th Year Project – Satellite Design Project
MAAE 4907C 4th Year Project – Rotary Wing UAV
MAAE 4907D 4th Year Project – Formula Student
MAAE 4907E 4th Year Project – CUSP Simulator Project
MAAE 4907G 4th Year Project – Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle
MAAE 4907H/SREE 4907B  4th Year – High Performance Housing
MAAE 4907I  4th Year Project – Crash Test Dummy
MAAE 4907J 4th Year Project – Intelligent Telepresence and Assistive Devices(iTAD)
MAAE 4917B  Directed Studies
ECOR 4995 Professional Practice (a.k.a. “ProPrac“)
MECH 4007 Vehicle Engineering II
MECH 4013 Biomedical Device Design
MECH 4101 Mechanics of Deformable Solids
MECH 4408 Thermofluids and Energy Systems Design
MECH 4805 Measurement and Data Systems
MECH 4806 Mechatronics

Graduate Courses

MECH 5009 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
MECH 5101 Dynamics and Aerodynamics of Flight
MECH 5105 Orbital Mechanics and Space Control
MECH 5204 Fundamentals of Combustion
MECH 5205 Building Performance Simulation
MECH 5304 Computational Fluid Dynamics of Compressible Flow
MECH 5401 Turbomachinery
MECH 5500 Advanced Vibration Analysis
MECH 5503 Robotics
MECH 5505 Stability Theory & Application
MECH 5507 Advanced Kinematics
MECH 5605 Finite Element Analysis I
MECH 5607 The Boundary Element Method
MECH 5700 Surfaces and Coatings
MECH 5803 Dynamic Behaviour of Materials
MECH 5807 System Modelling, Dynamics & Control
MECH 5808 Nonlinear Systems Analysis & Control
MECH 5906 Directed Study : 2 projects now at the link
SERG 5000 Cross Disciplinary Course in Sustainable Energy
SERG 5906 Directed Study – SERG