(Syllabi are posted as they become available.) 1st Year Courses | 2nd Year Courses | 3rd Year Courses | 4th Year Courses | Graduate Courses

1st Year Courses

ECOR 1010 Introduction to Engineering

2nd Year Courses

MAAE 2101 Engineering Dynamics
MAAE 2202 Mechanics of Solids I
MAAE 2300 Fluid Mechanics I
MAAE 2400 Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer
MAAE 2700 Engineering Materials

3rd Year Courses

AERO 3240 Orbital Mechanics
AERO 3700 Aerospace Materials
MAAE 3004 Dynamics of Machinery
MAAE 3202 Mechanics of Solids II
MAAE 3300 Fluid Mechanics II
MAAE 3901 Mechanical & Aero. Engineering Lab
MECH 3310 Biofluid Mechanics
SREE 3001 Sustainable and Renew Energy Sources

4th Year Courses

AERO 4003 Aerospace Systems Design
AERO 4302 Aerodynamics & Heat Transfer
AERO 4304 Computational Fluid Dynamics
AERO 4306 Aerospace Vehicle Performance
AERO 4402 Aerospace Propulsion
AERO 4446 Heat Transfer for Aerospace Applications
AERO 4608 Composite Materials
AERO 4842 Space Mission Design
MAAE 4102 Materials: Strength & Fracture
MAAE4500 Feedback Control Systems
MAAE 4906E Special Topics Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
MAAE 4907A 4th Year Project – Fixed Wing UAV
MAAE 4907B 4th Year Project – Satellite Design Project
MAAE 4907C 4th Year Project – Rotary Wing UAV
MAAE 4907D 4th Year Project – FSAE Car
MAAE 4907E 4th Year Project -CUSP Simulator Project
MAAE 4907F 4th Year Project – Gas Turbine
MAAE 4907G 4th Year Project – Hybrid Natural Gas Vehicle
MAAE 4907H/SREE 4907B 4th Year Project – High Performance Housing
MAAE 4907I 4th Year Project – Crash Test Dummy
MAAE 4907J 4th Year Project – ITAD – Intelligent Telepresence and Assistive Devices
MAAE 4907 K 4th Year Project – SMARTS – Small, Modular, Advanced Reactor Thermal-hydraulics Simulator
MAAE 4917B Directed Studies
MECH 4003 Mechanical Systems Design
MECH 4006 Vehicle Engineering I
MECH 4210 Biomechanics
MECH 4403 Power Generation Systems
MECH 4406 Heat Transfer
MECH 4407 Heating and Air Conditioning
MECH 4503 An Introduction to Robotics
MECH 4604 Finite Element Methods
MECH 4805 Measurement and Data Systems
SREE 4001 Efficient Energy Conversion

Graduate Courses

BIOM 5311 Design of Medical Devices and Implants
MECH 5000 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
MECH 5008 Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics
MECH 5302 Instrumentation Techniques
MECH 5407 Conductive and Radiative Heat Transfer
MECH 5601 Creative Problem Solving and Design
MECH 5609 Microstructure and Properties of Materials
MECH 5800 Gas Turbine Structures and Materials
MECH 5802 Wind Engineering
MECH 5804 Economics and Engineering
MECH 5805 Uninhabited Aircraft Systems
MECH 5906 Directed Study : 2 projects now at the link
MECH 5908  Independent Study
MECH 5909  M.A.Sc. Thesis
MECH 6909  PhD. Thesis
SERG 5002 Sustainable Energy Engineerig for Policy Students