M.Eng. (Master of Engineering) students have the option of completing the degree with coursework only or with an Independent Study, equivalent to 3 courses.

Independent Study (1.5 credit)

Independent Study (equivalent to 3 graduate courses in weight)  has continuous registration, this means that if it is not completed within 1 term, you must register in it again until completed and graded.

Available topics

  • Areas of spaceflight, robotics, and astrobiology instrumentation (Contact: A. Ellery)
  • Deformation of Auxetic Materials – Auxetic materials are a class of material that are designed to have a negative Poisson’s ratio. These materials have been suggested as a potential candidate material for protective applications. This project will focus on a computational investigation of the potential of auxetic materials in various protective applications. (Contact: O. Peteloren.petel@carleton.ca)

Interested students can contact the Professor by email or in person.