M.Eng. (Master of Engineering) students have the option of completing the degree with coursework only or with an Independent Study, equivalent to 3 courses.

Independent Study (1.5 credit)

Independent Study (equivalent to 3 graduate courses in weight)  has continuous registration, this means that if it is not completed within 1 term, you must register in it again until completed and graded.

Available topics

  • Areas of spaceflight, robotics, and astrobiology instrumentation (Contact: A. Ellery)
  • High-Speed Computed Tomography (CT) Scanner Algorithm – The Impact Dynamics Research Group conducts fundamental research on impact-related traumatic injuries, such as concussion. Our lab currently houses the fastest x-ray system in the world, operating at 10,000 frames per second. We are looking for a student interested in conducting a 4-month long research project into the use of open source CT software to develop an algorithm that would lay the groundwork to develop the fastest CT scanner in the world. This project will include an experimental as well as a numerical component to it. Interested MEng students should contact Prof. Oren Petel via email (oren.petel@carleton.ca).

Interested students can contact the Professor by email or in person.