August 21, 2017“Reproducing Acceleration Power Spectral Density from an Aircraft Fuselage Panel excited by Turbulent Boundary Layer using Piezoelectric Actuators” – Steven Sonnenberg (M.A.Sc.)

August 24, 2017 – “A Quantitative Model-Based Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) System for Zone Level Inefficiencies” – Justin Berquist (M.A.Sc.)

August 25, 2017“Electrochemical Study of Corrosion Behavior of Stellite 6 Alloy and 17-4PH Stainless Steel in Amine Solutions” – Yi Li (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2017Environmental Degradation of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites: An Experimental Investigation” – Jeff Carrette (M.A.Sc.)

September 1, 2017“Additive Manufacturing and Related Certification Challenges for Aerospace Applications” – Hayat El Fazani (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

September 5, 2017“Dynamic Tensile Failure in Nanocomposite Materials: An Experimental Investigation of Spall Fracture” – Jonathan Pepper (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Acoustic Prediction of Modern Propeller Configurations Using Early Acoustic Theory” – Mark Kotwicz Herniczek (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Spacecraft Formation Flying Using L1 Adaptive Control Techniques” – Jayant Sachdev (M.A.Sc.)

September 7, 2017“Simulations of Ductile Fracture in Pipeline Steels under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions” – Chris Bassindale (M.A.Sc.)

September 8, 2017“Development of Preheating and Power Inverting Systems for Lithium-Ion Batteries” – Long Zhai (M.A.Sc.)

September 14, 2017“Investigating the Impact of Using CFD generated Unsteady Mach Number Dynamic Stall Data for Numerical Rotor Analysis of Helicopter Forward Flight” – Dustin Jee (M.A.Sc.)

September 15, 2017“Functional Analysis of a Non – Surgical User Driven Spinal Decompression System” – Zahra Mohammad (M.A.Sc.)

October 10, 2017“Display Scaling of Degraded Visual Environment Helicopter Symbology in Station-Keeping Tasks” – Fabian Erazo (M.A.Sc.)

November 9, 2017Navigation and Control of Flexible – Wing UAV’s – Malik Al-Isawi (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

November 23, 2017” Improved Method for Airborne Photogrammetry Using Small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles” – Joshua Dalphy (M.A.Sc.)

December 5, 2017“Sounding Rocket Roll Control Through DBD Plasma Actuator Boundary Layer Control” – Spencer Sumnik (M.A.Sc.)

December 8, 2017 – “Computer Vision for Real-time Navigation with Unknown, Uncooperative and Tumbling Space Targets” – Satereh Yazdhasti (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

December 18, 2017 “Evaluating the thermal resistance of a vacuum insulation panel wall assembly containing thermal bridges using industry standard calculation methods and numerical simulation techniques.” – Travis Moore (M.A.Sc.)

December 18, 2017“Experimental and Modeling Studies of Creep Performance of High-Chromium Steel with Oxidation-Resistant Coating”. – Xiaozhou Zang (Ph.D.)

January 11, 2018“Range Sensor Characterization for Small Uninhabited Aircraft Systems.” – Darren Penley (M.A.Sc.)- Postponed

January 11, 2018 “Analyzing the Performance of a Heat Pump Water Heater when Coupled with a Heat Recovery Ventilator for Heating Applications in Canada.” – Patrick Smith (M.A.Sc.)


January 15, 2018“An Experimental Evaluation on Air Conditioning Performance with Vairtex Air Director Applied on Residential Condenser Unit” – Vien Nguyen (M.A.Sc.)

January 19, 2018“Preliminary Design of a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Centrifugal Compressor” – Alberto Martel Matos ( M.A.Sc.)

February 1, 2018 – “Multi-Layered Fibre-Matrix Interphase Coatings Applied by Electrophoretic Deposition for Durable Ceramic Matrix Composites” – Taylor Robertson (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam).

February 21, 2018“Experimental and Modelling Studies of High-Temperature Failure Behaviour of Thermal Barrier Coatings” – Samia Essa (P.h.D. Comprehensive Exam)

March 21, 2018 – “An Experimental Study of Novel Cold Worked Penetrative Reinforcement of GFRP/ Aluminium Bonded Joints” – Andrew Fawcett (M.A.Sc.)

March 23, 2018 – “Characterization of heat transfer rates in an air to phase change material thermal storage unit for integration in air handling units” – Sarah Wert (M.A.Sc.)

April 19, 2018“The Ballistic Response of Particle-filled Elastomeric Systems” – Christian Comtois-Arnaldo(M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2018Optimal Trajectory Planning and Compliant Spacecraft Capture Using a Space Robot – Alexander Crain (M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2018“Spacecraft Formation Guidance and Control in J2-Perturbed Eccentric-Orbits – Bradley Kuiack (M.A.Sc.)

April 27, 2018“On the modelling and analysis of converting existing Canadian residential communities to net-zero energy” – Adam Wills (Ph.D.)

April 27, 2018“Experimental and Numerical Study of Inhaler Spray Characterization (Size Distributions and Velocity)” – Abubaker AA Alatrash (Ph.D.)

April 30, 2018“The Design, Fabrication, and Commissioning of a High-Speed Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel for Studies of Surface Pressure Fluctuations Beneath Turbulent Boundary Layers’ – Frank Giardino (M.A.Sc.)

May 1, 2018“Synthesis of Halloysite-Polyurethane Nanocomposites” – Rafaela Aguilar (P.h.D.Comprehensive Exam)

May 3, 2018“Shear Stability of Vegetable Oil-Based Lubricants with Ethyl Cellulose Viscosity Index Improvers” – Niall McCallum (M.A.Sc.)

May 4, 2018“Mapping the Zr-H Phase System” – James Corrigall (M.A.Sc.)