January 14, 2019“Passive flow control of rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft airfoils via Surface-based Trapped Vortex Generators” – Khinder Al-Jaburi (Ph.D.)

January 14, 2019“Spacecraft Pose Estimation Using a Monocular Camera” – Jian Feng Shi (Ph.D.)

March 15, 2019” Optical Co-orbital Measurements in Low Earth Orbits” – Kevin Bernard (M.A.Sc.)

March 19, 2019“Multiscale Mechanics and Metallurgical based Design Optimization of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Lattice Materials” – Peter Walker (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

April 17, 2019 – “Experimental and Modeling Study of Sliding Wear Performance for Selected Molybdenum Stellite Alloys” – Rachel Collier (M.A.Sc.)

April 29, 2019“Constrained Optimization and Radial Basis Functions in Computational Engineering” – Graeme Schmidt (Ph.D.)

May 1, 2019“Design and Adaptive Control of a Tendon-Driven Manipulator for the Capture of Non-Cooperative” – Justin Kernot (M.A.Sc.)

May 2, 2019 “Spectroscopic Measurements of Path-Averaged Species Correlations in Turbulent Flare Plumes” – Scott Seymour (M.A.Sc.)

May 6, 2019 – “Application of an Optical Diagnostic (LII/ELS) to Measure Soot Formation Trends within Turbulent Buoyant Non-Premixed Flames” – Jasvardan Singh Sethi (M.A.Sc.)

May 6 2019 – “Validation of a computational model for predicting fatigue life” – Nilesh Gaonkar (M.A.Sc.)

May 7, 2019 “Pose Tracking Control for Spacecraft Proximity Operations Using the Udwadia-Kalaba Framework” – Abin Alex Pothen (M.A.Sc.)

August 16, 2019Control, Simulation, and Testbed Development for Improving Maritime Launch and Recovery Operations – Johanna McPhee (M.A.Sc.)

August 19, 2019Intelligent Learning Assistive Devices – Abdallah Zreiba (M.A.Sc.)

September 6, 2019Numerical and experimental investigations of solidification in an initially emptied horizontal turbulent pipe flow – Shawn Somers-Neal (M.A.Sc.)

September 6, 2019Using Simulated Selected Area Electron Diffraction Patterns to Validate Molecular Dynamics Models of Metallic Glasses – Sean Romano (M.A.Sc.)

September 10, 2019Cartilage Biomechanical and Mechanobiological Response to Physiological Biaxial Loads – Ali Shegaf (Ph.D.)

September 16, 2019Large Angle Washout Algorithms for Flight Simulators – Mikayla Micomonaco (M.A.Sc.)

September 24, 2019Development of a Landing Period Indicator andthe use of Signal Prediction to Improve LandingMethodologies of Autonomous Unmanned AerialVehicles on Maritime Vessels – Shadi Abujoub

September 26, 2019Design Fabrication and Calibration of Compliant Mult-Axis, Fiber-Optic Force/Torque Sensors for Biomechanical Measurements – Osama Al-Mai (Ph.D.)

September 26, 2019Design and Implementation of a Novel Rehabilitation Robot for Acute Stroke Patients – Nicholas Berezny (M.A.Sc.)

October 2, 2019Sparse Stereo Visual Odometry with Local Non-Linear Least-Squares Optimization for Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles – Edgar Aguilar Calzadillas (M.A.Sc.)

October 3, 2019Ultrasonic Localization of a Quadrotor using a Portable Beacon – John O’Keefe (M.A.Sc.)

October 5, 2019Measurements of Benzene Destruction Efficiency in a Lab-Scale Flare – Nicholas Brooker (M.A.Sc.)