August 21, 2017“Reproducing Acceleration Power Spectral Density from an Aircraft Fuselage Panel excited by Turbulent Boundary Layer using Piezoelectric Actuators” – Steven Sonnenberg (M.A.Sc.)

August 24, 2017 – “A Quantitative Model-Based Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) System for Zone Level Inefficiencies” – Justin Berquist (M.A.Sc.)

August 25, 2017“Electrochemical Study of Corrosion Behavior of Stellite 6 Alloy and 17-4PH Stainless Steel in Amine Solutions” – Yi Li (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2017Environmental Degradation of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites: An Experimental Investigation” – Jeff Carrette (M.A.Sc.)

September 1, 2017“Additive Manufacturing and Related Certification Challenges for Aerospace Applications” – Hayat El Fazani (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

September 5, 2017“Dynamic Tensile Failure in Nanocomposite Materials: An Experimental Investigation of Spall Fracture” – Jonathan Pepper (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Acoustic Prediction of Modern Propeller Configurations Using Early Acoustic Theory” – Mark Kotwicz Herniczek (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Spacecraft Formation Flying Using L1 Adaptive Control Techniques” – Jayant Sachdev (M.A.Sc.)

September 7, 2017“Simulations of Ductile Fracture in Pipeline Steels under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions” – Chris Bassindale (M.A.Sc.)

September 8, 2017“Development of Preheating and Power Inverting Systems for Lithium-Ion Batteries” – Long Zhai (M.A.Sc.)

September 14, 2017“Investigating the Impact of Using CFD generated Unsteady Mach Number Dynamic Stall Data for Numerical Rotor Analysis of Helicopter Forward Flight” – Dustin Jee (M.A.Sc.)

September 15, 2017“Functional Analysis of a Non – Surgical User Driven Spinal Decompression System” – Zahra Mohammad (M.A.Sc.)

October 10, 2017“Display Scaling of Degraded Visual Environment Helicopter Symbology in Station-Keeping Tasks” – Fabian Erazo (M.A.Sc.)

November 9, 2017Navigation and Control of Flexible – Wing UAV’s – Malik Al-Isawi (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

November 23, 2017” Improved Method for Airborne Photogrammetry Using Small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles” – Joshua Dalphy (M.A.Sc.)