January 6, 2017“Determining Airspeed Without a Pitot-Static System for Use in a General Aviation Flight Data Recorder Using an Ardu-Pilot” – James Adams (M.A.Sc.)

January 10, 2017“An Optical Diagnostic for Instantaneous Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction, Primary Particle Diameter and Mean Aggregate Radius of Gyration in Large Turbulent Flames”- David Sawires (M.A.Sc.)

January 11, 2017“A Numerical Investigation of Dual-Rotor Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine using an In-House Vortex Filament Code (DR_HAWT)” – Kenny Lee Slew (M.A.Sc.)

January 12, 2017 “Neuromusculoskeletal Dynamic Modelling of Human Movement in Motion Environments” – Burhan Terai (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017 – ” Vibrotactile Feedback for Human Balance Improvement: Experimental Investigation of Optimal Feedback Location” – Christiane Courtemanche (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017“A Completely Generalized and Algorithmic Approach to Identifying the Maximum Area Inscribing Ellipse of an Asymmetric Convex Quadrangle” – Zachary Copeland (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017“Experimental Validation of a Viscoelastic Ring Life Theory” – Eugene Lee (M.A.Sc.)

March 31, 2017“Indoor Positioning Using Stereo Cameras for Domestic Robots – Kun Zhuang (M.A.Sc.)

April 13, 2017“Detumbling Space Debris Using Tethers” – Kirk Hovell (M.A.Sc.)

April 19, 2017“The Integration of Heat Pumps and Thermal Storage for Residential Demand Side Management” – Christopher Baldwin (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

April 20, 2017“Thermal Evaluation of Vacuum Insulation Panels Within Residential Building Envelopes” – Brock Conley(M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2017“A Coupled Icephobic Coating and Piezoelectric Actuator System for Aircraft De-icing Applications – Nicholas Tepylo (M.A.Sc.)

April 25, 2017“A Wind-tunnel Investigation of an Ultralight Wing and Ultralight Aircraft – Wael Khaddage – (M.A.Sc.)

April 26, 2017“Molecular diffusion from bone into cartilage: A study of the osteochondral junction” – Nadine Vautour (M.A.Sc.)

April 27, 2017 “Experimental Characterization and Modelling of a Heat Pump Water Heater” – Ghaith Khalaf (M.A.Sc.)

April 28, 2017“Use of Optical Fibers for Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft Components” – Prem Anand (M.A.Sc.)

May 1, 2017“Analysis and design of a solar-combisystem for high solar fraction Canadian housing with diurnal and seasonal water-based thermal stores” – Briana Kemery (M.A.Sc.)

May 2, 2017“Exploratory Experiments to Determine Effects of Injected Aerosolized Water, Hydrochloric Acid, and Sodium Chloride Solutions on Lab-Scale Flare Emissions” – Melina Jefferson (M.A.Sc.)

May 2, 2017“Predicting Interference Patterns between Offshore Wind Farms through Wake Analysis” – Melissa Matis (M.A.Sc.)

May 4, 2017 – “Design of a Troposkien Two-Bladed-Shifted Vertical Axis Wind Turbine” – Doma Hilewit (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)