January 7, 2016 – ” The Design and Experimental Analysis of an Air Source Heat Pump for Extreme Cold Weather Operation” – Tom Mackintosh (M.A.Sc.)

January 14, 2016“Effect of Pre-Oxidation and Thermal Exposure on the Microstructure of Superalloys and Thermal Barrier Coating Systems” – Megan Walker (M.A.Sc.)

January 26, 2016” Fibre Reinforced Composites for Hopper Railcar Structural Components” – Sadeem Al Attar (M.A.Sc.)

January 29, 2016 – “Development of Multifarious Cueing Systems for Cost-effective Flight Simulation Training Devices” – Hooman Rajaee (M.A.Sc.)

February 24, 2016“Characterization of Elastic-plastic Crack-tip Fields Under Nonproportional Loading Conditions” – Zhaoyu Jin

February 26, 2016 – “An MCNP Feasibility Study for a Switchable Radioactive Gamma Source for SPECT Gamma Camera Calibration or Blood Irradiation” – Ruxandra Dranga (M.A.Sc.)

April 21, 2016“CALPHAD Based Cellular Automata Model for Microstructures Simulation of Fusion Welding Process – Ghazi Alsoruji

April 25, 2016“An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Evaporating Meniscus Dynamics and Instabilities” – John Polansky

April 28, 2016“Experimental Evaluation of a Triple-State Sorption Chiller” – Daniel Bowie (M.A.Sc.)

May 6, 2016Development of a Tunable-Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy Mass-Flux Sensor for Qualifying Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Venting – Simon Festa Bianchet (M.A.Sc.)

May 10, 2016 – ” Development of a Finite Element Model Updating Methodology for the Indentificaton of Structures using Experimental Data – Melissa Aras

June 1, 2016“Investigation into the Applicability of Using Incoloy 800H as a Fuel Classing Material in a Generation IV Super Critical Water Reactor” – Qays Nazarali (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

June 8, 2016“Experimental and Numerical Study on Bolted/Bonded Composit Joints for Aircraft” – Pedro Lopez-Cruz (Ph.D.)

June 23, 2016“Development and Implementation of a Cost-effective Cockpit Interface Architecture for Flight Simulation” – Brent Cameron (M.A.Sc.)

June 28, 2016“An All-Weather Thermal Management and Protection System for Lithium Ion Battery Packs Used in Canada” – Rui Zhao (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

July 11, 2016“Femoroacetabular Impingement and Osteoarthritis: Finite Element Analysis” – Ali Shegaf (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

July 11, 2016“Kinematic Calibration of a Serial Robotic Arm Using a Linear Movement Constraint” – Katie DiCola (M.A.Sc.)

August 12, 2016“Numerical predictions of propeller-wing interaction induced noise in cruise and off-design conditions” – David Boots (M.A.Sc.)

August 25, 2016“Mobility of Hydrogen-Vacancy Complexes in Nickel” – Bopanna Kokkengada Madappa (M.A.Sc.)

August 26, 2016“An implementation of Wang tilings for the representation of metallic glasses in Molecular Dynamics” – Roxana Barcel Singh (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2016 “Variable frequency air coupled ultrasonic phased array sensors” – Taran Sachdeva (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2016“Experimental Characterization of Turbulent Motions using Wall-Pressure Measurements in Low Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layers” – Jared Van Blitterswyk (M.A.Sc.)

September 7, 2016“Multiaxial Fatigue Analysis of Landing Gear Fuse Pins” – Quoc-Viet Le-The (M.A.Sc.)

September 13, 2016 ” Advanced Vibration Signature Analysis for Gearbox” – Weidong Li (M.A.Sc.)

September 27, 2016“Computational Aeroacoustic Prediction of Propeller Noise Using Grid-Based and Grid-Free CFD Methods” – Jason Hambrey (M.A.Sc.)

September 27, 2016“The effect of femoroacetabular impingement corrective surgery on acetabular labrum seal” – Suzanne Bsat (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

October 19, 2016“Performance Analysis and Modeling of a Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger with Air and Carbon Dioxide as Working Fluids” – Amr Daouk (M.A.Sc.)

October 19, 2016“Developing a methodology for assessing the energy potential of residential micro-cogeneration systems” – Geoffrey Johnson (Ph.D.)

November 1, 2016“Collection and Storage of Solar Gains Incident on a Radiant Floor in Highly Glazed Houses” – Sebastien Brideau (Ph.D.)

December 13, 2016 – A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Transient Behavior of a Loop Heat Pipe with a Pressure Regulated Valve – Hooman Jazebizadeh (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

December 13, 2016The Multi-Objective Design of Flatback Wind Turbine Airfoils – Michael Miller (M.A.Sc.)

December 14, 2016 – “Aeroacoustic Optimization of Flat-Plate Serrated Trailing Edge Extensions for Broadband Noise Reduction” – Matthew Brezina (M.A.Sc.)

December 15, 2016“Joining of Powder Metallurgy Beta Gamma Titanium Aluminide through Diffusion Brazing” – Trevor Sawatzky (Ph.D.)

December 16, 2016 “Spacecraft Pose Estimation Using a Monocular Camera” – Jian-Feng Shi (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

December 20, 2016 “Thermal Evaluation of Vacuum Insulation Panels Within Residential Building Envelopes” – Brock Conley (M.A.Sc.)

December 20, 2016 – “Fracture and Fatigue Analysis of Welded Structures Using Finite Element Analysis” – Denys Vodzyk (M.A.Sc.)

January 6, 2017“Determining Airspeed Without a Pitot-Static System for Use in a General Aviation Flight Data Recorder Using an Ardu-Pilot” – James Adams (M.A.Sc.)

January 10, 2017“An Optical Diagnostic for Instantaneous Measurements of Soot Volume Fraction, Primary Particle Diameter and Mean Aggregate Radius of Gyration in Large Turbulent Flames”- David Sawires (M.A.Sc.)

January 11, 2017“A Numerical Investigation of Dual-Rotor Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine using an In-House Vortex Filament Code (DR_HAWT)” – Kenny Lee Slew (M.A.Sc.)

January 12, 2017 “Neuromusculoskeletal Dynamic Modelling of Human Movement in Motion Environments” – Burhan Terai (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017 – ” Vibrotactile Feedback for Human Balance Improvement: Experimental Investigation of Optimal Feedback Location” – Christiane Courtemanche (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017“A Completely Generalized and Algorithmic Approach to Identifying the Maximum Area Inscribing Ellipse of an Asymmetric Convex Quadrangle” – Zachary Copeland (M.A.Sc.)

January 13, 2017“Experimental Validation of a Viscoelastic Ring Life Theory” – Eugene Lee (M.A.Sc.)

March 31, 2017“Indoor Positioning Using Stereo Cameras for Domestic Robots – Kun Zhuang (M.A.Sc.)

April 13, 2017“Detumbling Space Debris Using Tethers” – Kirk Hovell (M.A.Sc.)

April 19, 2017“The Integration of Heat Pumps and Thermal Storage for Residential Demand Side Management” – Christopher Baldwin (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

April 20, 2017“Thermal Evaluation of Vacuum Insulation Panels Within Residential Building Envelopes” – Brock Conley(M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2017“A Coupled Icephobic Coating and Piezoelectric Actuator System for Aircraft De-icing Applications – Nicholas Tepylo (M.A.Sc.)

April 25, 2017“A Wind-tunnel Investigation of an Ultralight Wing and Ultralight Aircraft – Wael Khaddage – (M.A.Sc.)

April 26, 2017“Molecular diffusion from bone into cartilage: A study of the osteochondral junction” – Nadine Vautour (M.A.Sc.)

April 27, 2017 “Experimental Characterization and Modelling of a Heat Pump Water Heater” – Ghaith Khalaf (M.A.Sc.)

April 28, 2017“Use of Optical Fibers for Structural Health Monitoring of Aircraft Components” – Prem Anand (M.A.Sc.)

May 1, 2017“Analysis and design of a solar-combisystem for high solar fraction Canadian housing with diurnal and seasonal water-based thermal stores” – Briana Kemery (M.A.Sc.)

May 2, 2017“Exploratory Experiments to Determine Effects of Injected Aerosolized Water, Hydrochloric Acid, and Sodium Chloride Solutions on Lab-Scale Flare Emissions” – Melina Jefferson (M.A.Sc.)

May 2, 2017“Predicting Interference Patterns between Offshore Wind Farms through Wake Analysis” – Melissa Matis (M.A.Sc.)

May 4, 2017 – “Design of a Troposkien Two-Bladed-Shifted Vertical Axis Wind Turbine” – Doma Hilewit (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

August 21, 2017“Reproducing Acceleration Power Spectral Density from an Aircraft Fuselage Panel excited by Turbulent Boundary Layer using Piezoelectric Actuators” – Steven Sonnenberg (M.A.Sc.)

August 24, 2017 – “A Quantitative Model-Based Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD) System for Zone Level Inefficiencies” – Justin Berquist (M.A.Sc.)

August 25, 2017“Electrochemical Study of Corrosion Behavior of Stellite 6 Alloy and 17-4PH Stainless Steel in Amine Solutions” – Yi Li (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2017Environmental Degradation of Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Epoxy Composites: An Experimental Investigation” – Jeff Carrette (M.A.Sc.)

September 1, 2017“Additive Manufacturing and Related Certification Challenges for Aerospace Applications” – Hayat El Fazani (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

September 5, 2017“Dynamic Tensile Failure in Nanocomposite Materials: An Experimental Investigation of Spall Fracture” – Jonathan Pepper (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Acoustic Prediction of Modern Propeller Configurations Using Early Acoustic Theory” – Mark Kotwicz Herniczek (M.A.Sc.)

September 5, 2017“Spacecraft Formation Flying Using L1 Adaptive Control Techniques” – Jayant Sachdev (M.A.Sc.)

September 7, 2017“Simulations of Ductile Fracture in Pipeline Steels under Quasi-Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions” – Chris Bassindale (M.A.Sc.)

September 8, 2017“Development of Preheating and Power Inverting Systems for Lithium-Ion Batteries” – Long Zhai (M.A.Sc.)

September 14, 2017“Investigating the Impact of Using CFD generated Unsteady Mach Number Dynamic Stall Data for Numerical Rotor Analysis of Helicopter Forward Flight” – Dustin Jee (M.A.Sc.)

September 15, 2017“Functional Analysis of a Non – Surgical User Driven Spinal Decompression System” – Zahra Mohammad (M.A.Sc.)

October 10, 2017“Display Scaling of Degraded Visual Environment Helicopter Symbology in Station-Keeping Tasks” – Fabian Erazo (M.A.Sc.)

November 9, 2017Navigation and Control of Flexible – Wing UAV’s – Malik Al-Isawi (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

November 23, 2017” Improved Method for Airborne Photogrammetry Using Small Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles” – Joshua Dalphy (M.A.Sc.)

December 5, 2017“Sounding Rocket Roll Control Through DBD Plasma Actuator Boundary Layer Control” – Spencer Sumnik (M.A.Sc.)

December 8, 2017 – “Computer Vision for Real-time Navigation with Unknown, Uncooperative and Tumbling Space Targets” – Satereh Yazdhasti (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

December 18, 2017 “Evaluating the thermal resistance of a vacuum insulation panel wall assembly containing thermal bridges using industry standard calculation methods and numerical simulation techniques.” – Travis Moore (M.A.Sc.)

December 18, 2017“Experimental and Modeling Studies of Creep Performance of High-Chromium Steel with Oxidation-Resistant Coating”. – Xiaozhou Zang (Ph.D.)

January 11, 2018“Range Sensor Characterization for Small Uninhabited Aircraft Systems.” – Darren Penley (M.A.Sc.)- Postponed

January 11, 2018 “Analyzing the Performance of a Heat Pump Water Heater when Coupled with a Heat Recovery Ventilator for Heating Applications in Canada.” – Patrick Smith (M.A.Sc.)


January 15, 2018“An Experimental Evaluation on Air Conditioning Performance with Vairtex Air Director Applied on Residential Condenser Unit” – Vien Nguyen (M.A.Sc.)

January 19, 2018“Preliminary Design of a Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Centrifugal Compressor” – Alberto Martel Matos ( M.A.Sc.)

February 1, 2018 – “Multi-Layered Fibre-Matrix Interphase Coatings Applied by Electrophoretic Deposition for Durable Ceramic Matrix Composites” – Taylor Robertson (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam).

February 21, 2018“Experimental and Modelling Studies of High-Temperature Failure Behaviour of Thermal Barrier Coatings” – Samia Essa (P.h.D. Comprehensive Exam)

March 21, 2018 – “An Experimental Study of Novel Cold Worked Penetrative Reinforcement of GFRP/ Aluminium Bonded Joints” – Andrew Fawcett (M.A.Sc.)

March 23, 2018 – “Characterization of heat transfer rates in an air to phase change material thermal storage unit for integration in air handling units” – Sarah Wert (M.A.Sc.)

April 19, 2018“The Ballistic Response of Particle-filled Elastomeric Systems” – Christian Comtois-Arnaldo(M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2018Optimal Trajectory Planning and Compliant Spacecraft Capture Using a Space Robot – Alexander Crain (M.A.Sc.)

April 24, 2018“Spacecraft Formation Guidance and Control in J2-Perturbed Eccentric-Orbits – Bradley Kuiack (M.A.Sc.)

April 27, 2018“On the modelling and analysis of converting existing Canadian residential communities to net-zero energy” – Adam Wills (Ph.D.)

April 27, 2018“Experimental and Numerical Study of Inhaler Spray Characterization (Size Distributions and Velocity)” – Abubaker AA Alatrash (Ph.D.)

April 30, 2018“The Design, Fabrication, and Commissioning of a High-Speed Aeroacoustic Wind Tunnel for Studies of Surface Pressure Fluctuations Beneath Turbulent Boundary Layers’ – Frank Giardino (M.A.Sc.)

May 1, 2018“Synthesis of Halloysite-Polyurethane Nanocomposites” – Rafaela Aguilar (P.h.D.Comprehensive Exam)

May 3, 2018“Shear Stability of Vegetable Oil-Based Lubricants with Ethyl Cellulose Viscosity Index Improvers” – Niall McCallum (M.A.Sc.)

May 4, 2018“Mapping the Zr-H Phase System” – James Corrigall (M.A.Sc.)

July 4, 2018“Overheating Prediction and Management of Lithium-Ion Batteries” – Rui Zhao (Ph.D.)

July 4, 2018‘Supersonic Multi-Objective Optimization of a Rocket Based Combined Cycle Inlet By Differential Evolution” – Craig Jee (M.A.Sc.)

July 18, 2018“Mathematical Modeling and Testing of a Loop Heat Pipe using a Two – Way Pressure Regulating Valve” – Juan Posada (M.A.Sc.)

August 21, 2018“Development and Design Optimization of High fidelity Reduced Order Models for Dynamic Aeroelasticity Loads Analyses of Complex Airframes” – Paul Vazhayil Thomas (M.A.Sc.)

August 23, 2018“Design and Analysis of Novel Metallic Structural Concepts for Lightweight Freight Railcars” – Danial Molavitabrizi (M.A.Sc.)

August 23, 2018“High Fidelity and Efficient Computations of Dynamic Loads for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Flexible Transport Aircraft” Michelle Guzman (M.A.Sc.)

August 24, 2018“Design Optimization of Dental Implants Using Additively Manufactured Lattice Materials” – Soraya Mareishi (M.A.Sc.)

August 27, 2018“Design, Development and Calibration of Multi-Axis, Fiber-Optic, Force/Torque Sensors for Biomechanical Applications” – Osama Al-Mai (P.h.D. Comprehensive Exam)

August 28, 2018 – “Modelling and Simulation of Marine Cables with a Dynamic Winch and Sheave Contact” – Cassidy Westion (M.A.Sc.)

August 29, 2018“Economic Optimization of a Campus Energy System Using Real Time Pricing” – Maxime St-Jacques (M.A.Sc.)

August 30, 2018“A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Ejector Acoustics and Ejector Silencer Design” – Gerard Desmarais (M.A.Sc.)

August 31, 2018“Assessing the Impact of Rock-Bed Storage for Tempering Air-to-Air Heat Pumps” – Nina Dmytrenko (M.A.Sc.)

September 4, 2018“Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Fuels Using Ignition Quality Tester” – Osama Hmood (P.h.D. Comprehensive Exam)

September 5, 2018“Dynamic Balance Measures and Sensing for Humans in Fall Detection and Prevention” – Stephanie Eng (M.A.Sc.)


September 13, 2018“Analysis of Radiographic Contrast Markers for X-ray Digital Image Correlation of Tissue-Simulants under Dynamic Load” – Stephane Magnan (M.A.Sc.)

September 14, 2018” An Experimental Evaluation of Fixed and Fludized Beds of Zeolite 13X for the Application of Compact Thermal Energy Storage” – Dylan Bardy (M.A.Sc.)

September 18, 2018“Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robotic Control” – Kirk Hovell (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

October 18, 2018“Life prediction of a SPS Thermal Barrier Coating Systems with Vertical Cracked Structure” – Bingjie Xiao (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

October 30, 2018“A Combined De-icing Strategy Utilizing Tailored Anti-icing Coatings and Electro-mechanical Ice Protection Systems for Rotary-wing Aircraft” – Nicholas Tepylo (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

November 6, 2018“Atomistic Simulation of Halloysite–Polyurethane Nanocomposite” – Mohammadreza Heidari Pebdani (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

November 23, 2018“Development of a physics-based online framework for surface roughness assessment of high-pressure turbines” – Zhi Li (M.A.Sc.

December 12, 2018 “Operation of solar combisystems with seasonal thermal energy storage for single detached houses” – Curtis Meister (Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam)

December 17, 2018“Adaptive Extended Kalman Filtering Strategies for Autonomous Relative Navigation of Formation Flying Spacecraft” – Cory Fraser (M.A.Sc.)

December 18, 2018“Catalysed Hydrothermal Carbonization of Woody Biomass and Recycling the Process Liquid” – Amin Ghazinaskar (M.A.Sc.)

December 19, 2018“A Biphasic Multiscale Investigation of the Biomechanical Microenvironment of Articular Cartilage” – Abdul Khan (M.A.Sc.)

December 20, 2018“Performance Estimation and Fault Diagnostics for the Starter of Auxiliary Power Unit” – Yu Zhang (M.A.Sc.)