2021-2022 Projects

The Capstone design project courses (i.e. courses labelled MAAE4907X) are created to foster teamwork, communication, technical skill development and design work. All students must be 4 th. yr. eligible to enroll in a MAAE4907X course and this 4 th. yr. status will be determined after course marks are submitted for this term.  Once marks are submitted, project registration will be available & you will be sent an e-mail when registration becomes available with instructions (likely towards the end of May).

In addition to other prerequisites, to be eligible for your 4th year project you must have 4th year engineering status, in particular you must have successfully completed all of your 2nd year requirements.

Project Selection Guidelines and Information – Read before you register!

2021-2022 Fourth – Year Capstone Project Registration – click here

Lab Safety – Rules and Regulations

Please review the project descriptions below and contact lead engineers should you have any specific questions. Your general questions may be directed towards the Capstone coordinator, Prof. Gaydos, or towards Mr. Dan. Premachuk:

Project Descriptions:

MAAE 4907A – Not Available for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
Advanced Aircraft Design Project
Project Manager: Prof. J. Laliberte
MAAE 4907B
Satellite Design Project (SDP)
Project Manager: Bruce Burlton
MAAE 4907C
UAV – Blended Wing
Project Manager: Prof. M. El Sayed
MAAE 4907D
FSAE Formula Car
Project Manager: Glen Clarke
MAAE 4907E
CUSP-Carleton University Simulator Project
Project Manager: Prof. R. Irani
MAAE 4907F
Gas Turbine
Project Manager: Prof. H. Saari
MAAE 4907G – click here for project description
Integrated Autonomous Car
Project Manager: Prof. X. Huang
MAAE 4907H
Building-Integrated-Thermal-Energy-Systems- BITES
Project Manager: Prof. J. Duquette
MAAE 4907I
Crash Test Dummy (CUCD)
Project Manager: Prof. A. Speirs
MAAE 4907J
Intelligent Telepresence and Assistive Devices (iTAD)
Project Manager: Prof. M. Ahmadi
MAAE 4907K – Not Available for the 2021-2022 Academic Year
Biomass Reactor Capstone Project
Project Manager: Prof. G. McRae
MAAE 4907M
Sustainable Energy Systems Portfolio
Project Manager: Prof. T. Kaya
MAAE 4907N – click here for project description
Micro Flapping-Wing Flyer (MFWF)
Project Manager: Prof. F. Khouli
MAAE 4907O – click here for project description
Bioinspired Environmentally Friendly Aerial Vehicle (BEFAV)
Project Manager: Prof. J. Rocha

The MAE Capstone Project-Marking Guidelines are provided to Lead Engineers and students involved in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Capstone Design Projects as guidance to carry out and interpret performance evaluations on the projects.

If you have any questions please contact the Projects Co-ordinators – Prof. John Gaydos, (john.gaydos@carleton.ca) or Prof. Xiao Huang (xiao.huang@carleton.ca).

You may also contact the department via the MAE Contact Form.