2023-2024 Projects

The Capstone design project courses (i.e. courses labelled MAAE4907X, and ECOR 4907X) are created to foster teamwork, communication, technical skill development and design work. All students must be 4th year eligible to enroll in a MAAE4907X / ECOR 4907X course and this 4th year status will be determined after course marks are submitted for the winter term.  Once marks are submitted, project registration will be available, and you will be sent an email when registration becomes available with instructions.

2023-2024 Fourth Year Capstone Project Registration – CLOSED

The Capstone Selection website is now closed.
If you still need to choose your capstone, please email your top 6 capstone selections to Maia Bahubeshi Gill at maiagill@cunet.carleton.ca using your Carleton email address.
Thank you.

Lab Safety – Rules and Regulations

Please review the project descriptions below and contact lead engineers should you have any specific questions. Your general questions may be directed towards the Capstone Coordinator, Professor Xiao Huang, or towards Maia Bahubeshi Gill.

Project Descriptions:

Detailed presentation slides are included here. However, due to the malfunction of the sound facility in the MINTO 2000 during the Capstone Information Session on Friday, March 17, 2023, the sound files recorded had the volume too low to be auditable. For more information regarding individual project, please contact the lead engineer using the email addresses provided below.

ECOR 4907 A (formerly MAAE 4907A)
Advanced Aircraft Design (AAD)
Project Manager:  Prof. J. Laliberté
MAAE 4907 G
Assisted Autonomous Vehicles (AAV)
Project Manager:  Prof. X. Huang
MAAE 4907 Q
Autonomous Spacecraft Robotics (DOT)
Project Manager:  Prof. S. Ulrich
MAAE 4907 O
Bioinspired Environmentally Friendly Aerial Vehicle (BEFAV)
Project Manager:  Prof. J. Rocha
MAAE 4907 E
Carleton University Simulator Project (CUSP)
Project Manager:  Prof. R. Irani
MAAE 4907 I
Crash Test Dummy (CUCD)
Project Manager:  Prof. A. Speirs
MAAE 4907 D
Project Manager:  G. Clarke
MAAE 4907 J
Intelligent Telepresence and Assistive Devices (iTAD)
Project Manager:  Prof. M. Ahmadi
MAAE 4907 L
Mechatronic Dosimetry Systems (MEDS)
Project Manager:  Prof. R. Chhabra
MAAE 4907 R
Metal Powder Power Plants (MP3)
Project Manager:  R. Kholghy
MAAE 4907 P
Rocket Design Project (formerly Bi-Propellant Liquid Rocket (BPLR))
Project Manager:  D. MacPhee
MAAE 4907 B 
Satellite Design Project (SDP)
Project Manager:  B. Burlton
ECOR 4907 M
Sustainable Energy Systems Portfolio (SESP)
Project Manager:  Prof. A. Abdulla

The MAE Capstone Project-Marking Guidelines are provided to Lead Engineers and students involved in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Capstone Design Projects as guidance to carry out and interpret performance evaluations on the projects.

To apply for a small project with a team of 4-8 students, a MAE faculty member must be found and subsequently, a proposal must be prepared and submitted to the capstone committee no later than the last day of the fall term (31 Dec.). The proposal shall include objectives, scope of work, stream/specialization of the students involved, space requirement, environment/safety, and budget consideration (external support committed as there is no department funding provided). The proposal will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Will a P.Eng. lead the project?
  • Will the project have a design focus?
  • Will the project allow an open-ended philosophy in the early stage of the project?
  • Will it expose the students to a large group setting? (In this regard, it is important to discuss with other project managers to seek an opportunity to participate in their group meetings)
  • Is there a budget requirement? If so, was the funding secured?
  • Will the project evolve into a large Capstone project? In what time frame?
  • Other considerations.

The date of submission must be observed to avoid redundant registrations.

If you have any questions please contact the Capstone Projects Coordinator – Prof. Xiao Huang (xiao.huang@carleton.ca).

You may also contact the department via the MAE Contact Form.