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Fall-Term Graduate Course Offerings

Course Title 
MECH 5000 Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
MECH 5005 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Aerospace Restricted)
MECH 5105 Orbit Mechanics and Space Control (Aerospace Restricted)
MECH 5206 Wind Engineering
MECH 5401 Turbomachinery
MECH 5500 Advanced Vibration Analysis
MECH 5601 Creative Problem Solving and Design
MECH 5804 Applied Artificial Intelligence


Winter-Term Graduate Course Offerings

Course Title 
MECH 5006 Biofluid Mechanics
MECH 5204 Fundamentals of Combustion
MECH 5205 Building Performance Simulation
MECH 5302 Instrumentation Techniques
MECH 5304 CFD of Compressible Flows
MECH 5501 Advanced Dynamics
MECH 5503 Robotics
MECH 5800 Space Robotics (Aerospace Restricted)
MECH 5801 Geometric Foundations of Robotics
MECH 5807 Interfacial Science and Surface Engineering (Materials Restricted)
MECH 5808 Advanced Fatigue Analysis (Materials Restricted)
MECH 5809 Smart Materials & Structures