Professor Reza KholghyPhD. Position in Chemical Energy Storage with Particles 

Professor Reza KholghyPhD. Position in Multiscale Design of Nanoparticle Formation

Professor Reza KholghyPhD. Position in Optical Properties of Nanoparticles

Professor Oren PetelMASc and PhD Positions in Traumatic Injury Biomechanics

Professor Rishad Irani – Funded Graduate Positions at Carleton University 

Professor Metin YarasAvailable Research Positions

Professor Jeremy LaliberteUninhabited Aircraft Systems Graduate Opportunities

Professor Matthew JohnsonEnergy and Emissions Research Lab

Professor Joana RochaAeroacoustics

Professor Xin WangFatigue and Fracture Mechanics

Professor Cynthia CruickshankEnergy Efficient and Net-Zero Energy Buildings, Solar Energy Heating and Cooling, Advanced Thermal Storage Concepts, Advanced Building Envelope Materials Research