Photo of Glenn McRae

Glenn McRae


Degrees:Ph.D., University of British Columbia, P.Eng.
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5690
Office:3150 ME

Research Interests:

Delayed Hydride Cracking of Zirconium alloys used in the Nuclear Industry:

  • Delayed hydride cracking of zirconium components used in CANDU reactors: corrosion and terminal solid solubility of hydrogen isotopes; hydride dissolution and movement of hydrogen in solid solution, fitness-for-service calculations

With O. Basu in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and PCS Biofuels Inc:

  • Development of polymeric high-energy biofuels from municipal, agricultural and forestry wastes
  • Design and construction of medium-scale biofuel reactors for remote communities

With R. Liu in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:

  • Failure investigations of hard-facing alloys used to trim feedwater valves on boilers containing dilute amine solutions

With Stonecor-Carboline/Plasite:

  • Techniques for accelerated evaluation of coatings that protect concrete waste-water digesters

With Novelis:

  • Techniques for accelerated evaluation of conversion coatings for aluminum beverage cans

With Best Medical Canada:

  • Novel X-ray dosimeters

With Best Theratroncis Ltd.:

  • Mo-100 targets for cyclotron production of Tc-99m for nuclear medical imaging
  • Commercial Separation and Purification of Tc-99m from irradiated Mo-100 targets