NSERC/OGS Graduate Scholarship Workshop for Science Students 1:30pm Tuesday Sept 13 in Macphail Room (4351 HP)

NSERC Graduate Scholarships (for both master’s and Ph.D. students) and OGS are two major external scholarships for graduate students in Science. A good application is very often the key for success. As a supplementary to workshops/information sessions run by FGPA, our workshop is focusing on how to write a successful scholarship application, especially on academic/research writing, or how to write an excellent research proposal. We also address how to make comments on academic excellence and research potential in a reference letter. Prof. Jit Bose will deliver a short presentation, followed by some successful stories told by our NSERC/OGS award recipients, and finally Q&A.

Yiqiang Q. Zhao,  Ph.DAssociate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies), Faculty of ScienceProfessor of School of Mathematics and Statistics

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