In Honour of Distinguished Research Professor Jon Rao’s 80th Birthday

Distinguished Research Professor Jon Rao is turning 80 in May of this year (2017). In honour of Professor Rao’s extraordinary research contribution to the world’s statistical community,  “Rao Conference 2017” will be held from May 24 to 27 this year at Kunming, Yunnan, China. Many of the world’s leading researchers in Statistics will attend the conference to celebrate Professor Rao’s birthday and give research talks. Information about the Rao Conference can be found at:

Rao Conference 2017

In addition to the Rao Conference 2017, many major annual international statistical conferences will hold special sessions and events in honour of Professor Rao’s 80th birthday. These include:
* the 2017 Joint Statistical Meeting
* the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Statistical Society of Canada
* the 61st World Statistics Congress
* the Small Area Estimation 2017 meeting

Thank you, Jon, for your exceptional contribution to Carleton University and to the world’s statistical community!

And, Happy Birthday!

Acting Director, David Amundsen