Getting started

The School hires contract instructors for the Fall, Winter, and Summer terms. Applicants should access the Employment Opportunities page for instructions on applying for a position.

Potential offers are sent via email to the applicants on or about July 2nd for Fall/Winter and February 1st for Summer. The applicant is responsible for confirming via email, fax, or priority post, the acceptance of the course(s), within 7 days of the offer being made. A contract will be generated upon acceptance of the offer. All instructors are asked to sign a contract that also requires the signatures of the Director of the School and the Dean of Science. Once all the signatures have been obtained the original contract is returned to the contract instructor.

In order to get paid, you will need to go to Human Resources (507 Robertson Hall) to be documented if you have not worked previously at Carleton University, or if you have recently changed your bank information. You will need to bring the following pieces of documentation:

Carleton Campus Card
Void cheque
Social Insurance Number
Work Permit if applicable

Campus Card
The Campus Card is an all-access pass to Carleton University. As an instructor, not only will you use your card as a form of official identification, you can also use it for purchasing books from the Bookstore, borrowing books from the Library, making photocopies, and making purchases at over 450 locations on campus. Visit the campus card website for the online application or visit their office at 407 University Centre. New campus cards are only issued 6 weeks or less before the term you are teaching begins

Prior to obtaining your Campus Card you will need confirmation from Payroll Services that your contract has been processed. Their contact information is:
Phone: 613-520-3634

Union Information
The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), Local 4600 Unit 2, Collective Agreement

CUPE 4600 can be contacted at:
613 520 2600 x 4600

MacOdrum Library Access
Books may be borrowed by bringing them to the Circulation Desk or by using one of the self-check machines located on the Main floor near the Welcome Desk.
Carleton University contract instructors use their Carleton campus/ID cards as their Library cards.

For information on parking permits or meter parking, please refer to the Carleton parking website

Books and Supplies
Course text books, test booklets and supplies are managed by Tracie Grisim/Main Office (4302HP).

Professional Development – Books & Supplies
CUPE 4600 Local 2, Collective Agreement, Article 20

Funds are available to support teaching-related professional development activities, and for the purpose of offsetting the cost of such books and material required for the performance of an employee’s teaching duties and responsibilities which are otherwise not provided to the employee. More information is provided in the collective agreement. The fund is administered by the JCAA.

The application is completed by the instructor, signed by the director and then submitted by the instructor. Submission details are provided on the application form.

Office Space, Keys, and Copying Privileges
Office Space – A new contract instructor will be assigned a desk in one of our three shared contractor instructor offices on the 5th floor of the Herzberg Building by the School Administrator.

Keys – A new contract instructor will be issued a key for the contract instructor office where assigned and a Common Room key which gives access to the Faculty Workroom, Library, Tutorial Centre and Lounge by the School Administrator.

Copy Card – A new contract instructor will be issued a copy card for academic purposes by the School Administrator.

Computer Accounts
You will most likely have to use services managed by Information and Technology Services (ITS) as well as services managed within the Mathematics and Statistics department.

A MyCarletonOne account provides access to the following services:

  • MyCarleton Portal
  • Carleton’s Learning Management Systems (WebCT and Brightspace)
  • our departmental teaching labs in 3393 and 4385
  • the campus wifi network
  • CCS lab machines
  • the console in electronic classrooms

A Math account gives you a mailbox with the address, access to the Sun Ray thin client devices located in the resource center and contract instructor offices, and to the Windows machines in the work room. If you also require access to the Graduate lab facilities, this requires yet another account.

The School Administrator, will request your MyCarletonOne account and a Math account for each contract instructor and provide the account details to the instructor. If you also require access to the Graduate lab, contact the IT support group at

As outlined above, you will be provided with a mailbox with the address Rather than having a separate mailbox to check, contract instructors may prefer to have mail sent to this address automatically forwarded to the mailbox they normally use. A request to establish mail forwarding should be sent to

The Math mail service is fairly basic. Mail can be accessed via a web based mail facility or using an IMAP based mail client such as Thunderbird.

Staff or Faculty in a continuing position who desire a more feature rich mail service may instead opt to utilize the university’s Microsoft Exchange service. Exchange provides an integrated calendar, global address directory and superior connectivity with mobile devices such as Blackberries and iPhones. If you do opt to use Exchange, the IT support group can arrange for mail sent to your @math mail address to be automatically forwarded to your Exchange mailbox.

Copying Material
Contract Instructors have access to the Faculty Workroom (4390HP). The Workroom maintains the following equipment:

  • High speed copier with the following features; stapling, collating, fax, scan and email
  • Two computers
  • Network printer
  • Risograph (for class enrolment of 20 or more)

Note: The copier in the Mail Room (4313HP) is not available to faculty and instructors.

For training on use of the copier, see Tracie in the main office, 4302HP.

IMS Electronic Classroom
IMS provides technical support for classroom instruction. There are 112 classrooms equipped as electronic classrooms providing technology to facilitate the display of computer and video resources. Of those, 56 are fully equipped electronic classrooms with a teaching console – the remaining 56 rooms are similarly equipped but with an equipment rack rather than a teaching console. For more information…

Library Resources
You may use reserves for those books and materials that you expect to be in particularly heavy demand for the duration of the course. Reserve items will be kept at the circulation desk. You may place library books, photocopied articles, or your own personal books on reserve.

Materials can be given a variety of loan periods: 2 hours, 4 hours, 24 hours, or allowing greater access to all students in a course.

You will need to submit your “reserve request” forms well in advance of the time your students will need the material. Deadline dates are provided before each semester. Material submitted after the deadline can take up to four weeks to be processed. For more information…

MTC Tutorial Centre, 3422HP
Instructors are encouraged to announce and guide the students to visit MTC. The centre will be open on the third week of the term. Hours for the centre: Monday to Thursday 10 am to 4 pm.

How the MTC Operates:
1. Teaching Assistants are to be seated at the front of the room at the tables marked “TA DESK”. Students will usually approach them with questions. However, some students may feel awkward approaching the TA directly and you should make an effort to encourage these students to try and ask questions.

2. Teaching Assistants should give priority to students in the following elementary mathematics courses:

MATH 0007, MATH 0107, MATH 1004, MATH 1007, MATH 1009, MATH 1104, MATH 1107, MATH 1119, MATH 1401, MATH 1402.

Students in other courses, including higher level courses and statistics courses, will be helped only if there are no elementary students waiting and only if TA feels comfortable with the subject matter.

For more information…

Educational Development Centre (EDC)

The EDC offers orientation for contract instructors, which covers information on Carleton’s policies and procedures, available programs and services, and teaching advice. For more information…

Instructional Media Services (IMS)

Classroom Orientation Sessions (CTS)
CTS offers orientation sessions for Electronic Classroom use If you are teaching for the first time next term or would like a refresher, please call 520-2600 Ext. 3815 to make an appointment. For more information…

Class Cancellation
University policy is that class instruction will be held regardless of weather conditions unless a general announcement is made (usually by radio) that all classes are cancelled.

In the event that an instructor is unable to teach a class then the Director should be informed as soon as possible. Every effort should be made to ensure that students are made aware and that, if possible, a substitute is found.

Teaching Evaluations
University regulations require that a teaching evaluation be carried out during the last two weeks of courses. Contract Instructors are required to have all of their courses evaluated. The scores on the designated teaching evaluations may be used by administration for performance assessment and promotion decisions.

Once final grades have been released, a report is forwarded to the instructor and copied to the Director. In due course evaluations, including student comments, are returned to the instructor.

Social Activities
There is a coffee break on Wednesday mornings in the Lounge starting at 10:30A.M. Mike Moore and James Bondar run these breaks and will periodically ask for volunteers to bring desserts. All faculty, instructors and staff are invited.

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