Kailey Pickles Stratum Estimates of the Probability of an Insurance Claim Based on Logistic Regression Dr. Patrick Farrell August 2018 Summer
Michele Baranzika On Skew-Normal Models: Properties & Estimation Via Em Algorithm Dr. Song Cai August 2018 Summer
Amanda Chafee Recursively Constructing Tight & Economical Single-Change Covering Designs & Circular Single-Change Covering Designs Dr. Brett Stevens August 2018 Summer
Thomas Dykes Acylindrically Hyperbolic Groups Dr. Inna Bumagin August 2018 Summer
Peter L’Oiseau Analysis of Major League Baseball Data Dr. Sanjoy Sinha December 2018 Fall
Alexandre Conlon Quantum Error-Correcting Codes Dr. Jason Crann December 2018 Fall
Yumin Park Analyzing Pixel Intensity Data Using Linear Regression Model and Linear Mixed Model Dr. Song Cai December 2018 Fall
Qian Li Dynamic Programming and Its Applications
Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall
Ximei Zhang Computation of Value-at-Risk and Related Optimization Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall
Aaron Brooks-Moorcroft Porfolio Optimization – A Stochastic Control Approach Dr. Gennady Shaikhet May 2019 Winter
Brianne Rogers Model-Based Estimation for a Relative Difference in Proportions Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Mengjie Wang Error Estimation of Asymptotic Expansion for the T Distribution density Dr. Yiqiang Zhao May 2019 Winter
Noria Xu Non-Parametric Bayesian Analysis with Dirichlet Process Dr. Song Cai May 2019 Winter
Trevor Thompson Semi-Involutions over Finite Fields Dr. Daniel Panario and Dr. Steven Wang May 2019 Winter
Liam Fitzpatrick Statistical Tests for Relative Reciprocity and Relative Interchange Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Yang Zhou Analysis of Audit Data Dr. Sanjoy Sinha May 2019 Winter
Melissa Scott Factoring Polynomials over Finite Fields Dr. Daniel Panario May 2019 Winter
Shashank Nath A Comparison of Two Ratio Esitimators and a Regression Esitmator for a Finite Population Mean_ Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Lucas Pellegroms Approximation of Queuing Models Dr. Gennady Shaikhet May 2019 Winter
D.T. Doan Modelling the Choice of Surgery for Rectal Cancer Using Logistic and ROC Curves Dr. Patrick Farrell May 2019 Winter
Justin Leo Utility of Signaling in the Job Market Dr. Brett Stevens May 2019 Winter
Joseph Lentini Coding for Multiple User Access Channels Dr. Daniel Panario August 2019 Summer
Michael Cayanan The Circle Method Applied to Goldbach’s Weak Conjecture Dr. Brandon Fodden August 2019 Summer
Anna Gow Security of the BB84 Quantum Key Distribution Protocol Dr. Jason Crann August 2019 Summer
Melanie Brown Homotopy Type Theory Dr. Brett Stevens January 2020 Winter
Brandon Savage-Barnhart Hilbert’s Tenth Problem Dr. Brandon Fodden January 2020 Winter
Vince Yordanov Fitting Spatially Correlated Data with a Poisson Conditional Autoregressive Model Dr. Jason Nielsen January 2020 Winter
Scott Mccalla Scott Mccalla – A Comparison Between Multivariate and Univariate Models of Time Series Dr. Song Cai and Dr. Shirley Mills January 2020 Winter
Banjamin Simms Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifiers for Supervised Text Classification: Applications to Sentiment Analysis Dr. Shirley Mills January 2020 Winter