Kailey Pickles Stratum Estimates of the Probability of an Insurance Claim Based on Logistic Regression Dr. Patrick Farrell August 2018 Summer
Michele Baranzika On Skew-Normal Models: Properties & Estimation Via Em Algorithm Dr. Song Cai August 2018 Summer
Amanda Chafee Recursively Constructing Tight & Economical Single-Change Covering Designs & Circular Single-Change Covering Designs Dr. Brett Stevens August 2018 Summer
Thomas Dykes Acylindrically Hyperbolic Groups Dr. Inna Bumagin August 2018 Summer
Peter L’Oiseau Analysis of Major League Baseball Data Dr. Sanjoy Sinha December 2018 Fall
Alexandre Conlon Quantum Error-Correcting Codes Dr. Jason Crann December 2018 Fall
Yumin Park Analyzing Pixel Intensity Data Using Linear Regression Model and Linear Mixed Model Dr. Song Cai December 2018 Fall
Qian Li Dynamic Programming and Its Applications
Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall
Ximei Zhang Computation of Value-at-Risk and Related Optimization Dr. Minyi Huang December 2018 Fall