Math Matters – August 24th- August 28th, 2020

Math Matters is a specially designed one week math refresher course for first-year students entering degree programs at Carleton with a math component. Having a strong base of mathematics knowledge and knowing study techniques to approach the subject material are essential in first-year university math. Math Matters ensures that students have the building blocks they need to participate and succeed in math-intensive university programs.
Math Matters is coordinated by the Science Student Success Centre in the Faculty of Science.

Dates and Fees

Math Matters is from August 24th- August 28th. Registration for Math Matters will open with the time tickets in early June 2020. The fee for Math Matters is $250 including HST.

Is Math Matters for you?

Are you starting university this fall and would like to deepen your foundation in mathematics to the academic year? Math Matters gives the opportunity for students to start the school year on the right foot, preparing them for their first year of Math classes. Students will get a chance to interact with one another, a university Math Professor and with their Study Group Leader in a dynamic environment. The small class sizes are designed to give students the optimal math training throughout the week.

Over the course of the week, you will have the opportunity to revisit and review key math concepts related to your field, learn from a university math instructor, get tips and strategies for success on studying math in university, and meet new people. Math Matters covers and reviews topics like:

  • Algebra (basic algebra, intervals, and simplifying algebraic expressions);
  • Equations (solving equations and inequalities, special formulas);
  • Graphs;
  • Transcendental functions; and
  • Trigonometry.

We suggest that you register for Math Matters if your high school calculus or advanced functions grade is below 80 percent or if high school calculus or advanced functions was recommended for admissions into your program but you did not take that course.

Throughout Math Matters, lectures and tutorials are divided by faculty, giving students the opportunity to review material relevant to their degree program, learn about resources available to their specific faculty, and meet study partners for the fall semester. Students are taught by some of the best instructors who teach university math courses in their faculty and also participate in study groups with no more than thirty students after each lecture. Each study group is led by a high-achieving Carleton student from that particular faculty. Study group leaders are hand-picked from each faculty for their strength in math, ability to explain difficult math concepts, proven experience tutoring and facilitating small groups, and passion for helping other students succeed.

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