“Massive global systems — meta-infrastructures administered by public and private cohorts, and driven by profound irrationalities — are generating de facto, undeclared forms of polity faster than any even quasi-official forms of governance can legislate them — a wilder mongrel than any storied Leviathan for which there is studied political response”
— Keller Easterling

On Tuesday, November 17, internationally recognised writer, architect and speaker Keller Easterling (Yale University) visited Carleton University to  discuss her work on “Extrastatecraft,” political activism and global infrastructure platforms (such as global trade zones that operate outside the law, broadband in East Africa, and ISO’s quality management).

The event was moderated by Roger Connah from the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, who also introduced Exceptional/Exceptionable Space (an interdisciplinary document co-written by Connah, Thaly Crespin, Luisa Ji, Daniel McNeil and Lee Michael Pronko in order to explore themes and issues relating to Keller’s visit as well as the productive tensions within and between the fields of Architecture, Urbanism, Migration and Diaspora).

“What then is Exceptional Space?
A migrant ship afloat outside Thailand?
Turned away, turned to where?”
An e-copy of Exceptional/Exceptionable Space is available here: EX_Pamphlet_2015v5