Med Hondo is not only one of the foundational figures of African cinema, but also one of the most talented, radically versatile and profoundly influential directors from the continent. A retrospective and international symposium on his cinema recently brought the pioneering filmmaker to Carleton and the National Gallery of Canada.

Aboubakar Sanogo, Chair of Film Studies and organiser of the retrospective and symposium, shared his reflections on the first Canadian homage to Med Hondo’s work with Daniel McNeil, an Associate Professor of History and Carleton’s strategic hire in Migration and Diaspora Studies.

You can read their conversation about the first Canadian homage to Med Hondo’s work here

Med Hondo at the entrance of the National Gallery of Canada before the opening of the retrospective on his cinema.
Med Hondo at Carleton University

Faculty and students from the School of Studies in Art and Culture at the opening of the Med Hondo retrospective at the National Gallery of Canada (February 22, 2016). From left to right: Ming Tiampo (ICSLAC); Aubrey Anable (Film Studies); Malini Guha (Film Studies); Aboubakar Sanogo (Film Studies); Med Hondo; Kumru Bilici (Film Studies-MA)

Med Hondo (second from right) poses with School for Study of Art and Culture Faculty including Professor Aboubakar Sanogo (to Hondo’s left)”