Please note that these are for reference only. The requirements will be based on the official published electives list in the 2020-21 graduate calendar.

ANTH 5109 Ethnography, Gender, and Globalization

ARTH 5112 Topics in Historiography, Methodology, and Criticism (only with approved topics in Migration and Diaspora Studies)

ARTH 5115 Topics in Modern and Contemporary Art (only with approved topics in Migration and Diaspora Studies)

ARTH 5117 Community/Identity

CDNS 5501 Decolonizing Canada: Cultural Politics and Collective Identities

CDNS 5601 Constructing Canada: The Politics of National Identity

CLMD 6102 Issues in Transnationalism

COMS 5207 Communication and Racialization

COMS 5222 Cultural Intersections

COMS 5214 The Local and the Global

ENGL 5004 Studies in Transnational Literatures

ENGL 5008 Studies in African Literature

ENGL 5009 Studies in South Asian Literature

ENGL 5010 Studies in Caribbean Literature

EURR 5304 Europe and International Migration

FILM 5203 Issues in World Cinema

FILM 5506 Topics in Culture, Identity, and Representation

FREN 5100 Le monde francophone: linguistique et littérature

FREN 5600 Littératures du monde francophone

GEOG 5005 Global Environmental Change: Human Implications

GEOG 5400 Territory and Territoriality

GEOG 5600 Empire and Colonialism

HIST 5314 Colonialism and Postcolonialism in Canada

HIST 5710 Race and Empire

HIST 5712 African History Special Topics

HIST 5713 Latin America and Caribbean History Special Topics

INAF 5707 Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

INAF 5708 Humanitarian Assistance

INAF 5711 International Labour Migration

LAWS 5007 Race, Ethnicity, and the Law

LAWS 5663 Human Rights, Citizenship, and Global Justice

MGDS 5101 Practicum in Migration and Diaspora Studies

MGDS 5002 Key Issues in Migration and Diaspora Studies

MGDS 5900 Migration and Diaspora Studies Special Topics

MGDS 5901 Directed Readings in Migration and Diaspora Studies

MUSI 5017 Music and Globalization

PADM 5422 Urban and Local Government

PSCI 5100 Indigenous Politics of North America

PSCI 5107 Globalization, Adjustment, and Democracy in Africa

PSCI 5200 Nationalism

PSCI 5201 Politics in Plural Societies

PSCI 5209 Migration and Global Politics

RELI 5850 Seminar in the Study of Religion (only with approved topics in Migration and Diaspora Studies)

SOCI 5404 Race, Ethnicity, and Class in Contemporary Societies

SOCI 5406 Citizenship and Globalization

SOWK 5011 Social Work and Social Justice

SOWK 5015 Indigenous Knowledge and Theory for Social Work

SOWK 5021 Advanced Social Work Practice with Groups and Communities

SOWK 5702 Special Topics in Social Work (only with approved topics in Migration and Diaspora Studies)