Africa’s remittances: Levering service policies for sustainable economic development by Christopher Ostropolski

Given the rising inflows of remittances to Africa, this essay argues that migrants’ monies are the continent’s best resource to spur stable economic development. The essay begins by conducting a literature review to explain the advantages of remittances over other financial flows. Next, the essay refers to African-focused research, as well as to macro-level indicators from the Sub-Saharan region, to reveal a steady counter-cyclical inflow of remittances since 2002. Policy recommendations include the need to focus on diaspora-engagement, migration reform, and reduction of transfer service costs. The conclusion offers suggestions for future research and links the essay to WTO’s objectives.


History of Black Freedom by Emma Bider

Emma Bider is a Journalism and African studies student at Carleton University. Here’s what she had to say about her intriguing Podcast:

“This podcast was an attempt to use my journalism training in an academic setting and a challenge to myself to explain complex ideas through a medium that often relies on simplicity to gets a point across. What made the combination successful was my decision to find a more playful way of explaining my thesis while still exploring issues in-depth. In essence, I decided to produce a ‘story about a story.’ I presented the national identity of Canada as a historical narrative that excludes the stories of Black people. The audio medium allowed me to take listeners on a journey through space and time in a way that was a little more engaging than your everyday essay.”