Courses relating to Medieval and Early Modern Studies are housed in a number of different schools and departments. This page seeks to list all relevant courses offered in the 2017/ 18 academic year.

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Department Course Code Name Instructor Term
Art History ARTH 2202 Medieval Architecture and Art Peter Coffman


Art History ARTH 2300 Italian Renaissance Art Morgan Currie


English ENGL 2300A British Literatures (I) Siobhain Calking & Donald Beecher


English ENGL 2300B British Literatures (I) Siobhain Calkin & Grant Williams


English ENGL 2300C British Literatures (I)

Matthew Scribner

English ENGL 3003B Renaissance Laughter: Masterpieces of Sixteenth-Century Italian Comedy Don Beecher F
English ENGL 3305A Shakespeare and the Stage Grant Williams F
English/ Humanities

ENGL 3201A/ HUMS 3200A

European Literature Ian Cameron F/W
English ENGL 4301A Studies in Renaissance Literature: Milton Travis de Cook F
English ENGL 4301B Studies in Renaissance Literature: Shakespeare’s Problem Comedies Don Beecher F
French FREN 3212A Des manuscrits aux Belles-Lettres Charles Doutrelepont F
Greek and Roman Studies Introduction to Latin I Liz Kennedy-Klaasen F
Greek and Roman Studies LATN 1005B Introduction to Latin I

Timothy Pettipiece

History HIST 2001A Early Medieval Europe Roy Laird F
History HIST 2002A Later Medieval Europe Roy Laird W
History HIST 2204A Early Modern Europe 1350-1650 Charlotte Masseman F
History HIST 3005A Medieval Aristocratic Life Marc Saurette W
History HIST 3011A Medieval Cosmology Roy Laird W
History HIST 4007A History of the Medieval Book Marc Saurette W
History / Humanities HIST 4101A/ HUMS 4902A The Galileo Affair Roy Laird F
Humanities HUMS 2000A Reason and Revelation Gregory MacIsaac & Erik Stephenson F/W
Humanities HUMS 3000A Culture and Imagination: Renaissance to Romanticism Micheline White & Geoffrey Kellow F/W
Music MUSI 2101A Music in the Renaissance John Higney W
Religion RELI 2225A Christianity 300-1500 Johannes Wolfart F
Religion RELI 2310A Islam Aisha Geissinger F
Religion RELI 2330A The Qu’ran Aisha Geissinger F
Religion RELI 3330B Sufism Mohammed Rustom W