Thank you for participating in the Community Connections program.

Please complete the below form by the deadline provided to you by the Mentorship Coordinator in order for it to be reviewed before your reflection meeting. If you have questions as you complete this form, please email Teddy at


As you worked with your Mentor over the last few months, you had a chance to focus on specific areas based on how your pre-reflection went. Now that you are near the end of this relationship, it can be helpful to do some self-reflection on how you are feeling about the various aspects of student life now that you’ve gone through the program. Take a moment to answer the questions below, so that as a team with your Mentor and the Mentorship Coordinator, an individualized plan will be developed to figure out what the next steps should be now that the first part of Community Connections is over.

Ranking System

Rank each item in the columns below based on these descriptions:

Green means little to no support, yellow means some support, red means lots of support

Little to No Support (Green): You don’t have concerns about this right now, and is not something that needs to be addressed at this time. You may recognize yourself saying things like “I understand this now!” or “I feel like I have a handle on my skills in this area”.

Some Support (Yellow): This could be a potential issue or concern that you could see happening in the future. This is an opportunity for you to recognize areas that you may need to continue working on in some capacity. You may recognize yourself saying things like “I think I may still need some help here” or “Some more guidance may help me modify my skill set in this area”. It is okay to still have some areas for growth even after completing Community Connections.

Lots of Support (Red): This is an issue or concern that you are still highly unsure about and want more support. You may recognize yourself saying things like “I think I’m still struggling in this area”, or “I still don’t know where to begin in this area”.

Your Needs will Change

Remember that your needs can change throughout the time you have with a Community Connections Mentor. This assessment is a way to reflect on the areas you focused on throughout your time in the program so far, and see if there are new challenges you want to work on. What you thought you had a handle on at the beginning of the program, may have moved its way to a “yellow” or “red” area, and that is okay.

Answer Honestly

Answering the questions below honestly, like you did the first time you worked through them, will allow you to reflect on your experience, and for you to think about what your ideal next step should be for support now that Community Connections has come to a close. As you go through each question, think about your daily habits, routines, and the reasons why you signed to participate in this program

Complete the Mid Point-Assessment

  • Community & Sense of Belonging

  • Wellbeing

  • Academic Success

  • Reflections