Sara H – Mentor

Abby R – Mentee

Being part of First Year Connections has helped me create meaningful connections with my mentees. One mentee I had was wondering how to add a minor to their degree, and didn’t know where to¬† start. I gave them some resources, and put them in contact with the Undergraduate Administrators for both programs. They added their minor and are very happy with it! I also gained a lot of skills from being a part of First-Year Connections. I was able to learn about many of the great resources Carleton has, and let my mentees know as well. I was also able to work on my communication skills while interacting with my mentees and other mentors. Finally, I gained the ability to be an active and compassionate listener in order to create a meaningful impact with my mentees. Being part of First Year Connections allowed me to become more comfortable with myself, the campus, as well as the city of Ottawa. My mentor was always kind, encouraging, and open. It was easy to discuss any worries I had and ask questions, I always felt heard and understood; I looked forward to every meeting. First Year Connections had a great impact on my personal and academic lives. My mentor helped me with my transition to Carleton by ensuring I knew of all support services available to me and helping me get used to the campus. My mentor was always willing to answer any questions I had or point me in the direction of someone who could. Having a mentor allowed me to become comfortable with the adjustment to university life.

Shreya V – Mentor

Sara M – Mentee

As a Social Work student, we always discuss peer support as a strength to an institution. FYC is based on the same idea, it presents first-year students with an approachable face that has gone through the system. It provided me with the opportunity to practice direct social work skills with individuals. At the same time, it gave me that community connection that adds value to my time at university. Being a Senior Mentor gave me an opportunity to not just be a resourceful for the mentees but also the mentors. Setting a bit more of a responsibility to work with mentors’ needs and to support them. Along with the various pieces of training of the Safe Talk, remains the most meaningful to me, enabled me to work with caution and prepared to deal with cases that require a more trained approach. It helped me feel comfortable about starting university! My mentor would help me get familiar with the campus, and she would tell me some studying strategies that she found effective in her first year. She showed me important resources on campus, such as the Center for Student Academic Success and showed me cool places to go on campus. Regarding CSAS. I found that this was very helpful to know about because I started using it regularly to help me with many of my assignments.

Israel O – Mentor

Jodi M – Mentee

The most important lesson I learned from the First Year Connections was the importance of getting involved and building connections. Making connections helps one grow individually, emotionally, and mentally. It also helps us develop our sense of identity. The FYC program helped me improve my time management skills, communication skills and organizational skills. Having a mentor made it easier for me to adjust to the university life. I was able to talk to someone that was in my program which made it easier for me to get answers to my questions. The entire process is really easy going, and considerably lessened the anxiety I had prior to doing the program. I was also shown around the entire campus which made it easier for me when I had to find my classes. One thing my mentor constantly told me was to go out and join clubs! I learned that Carleton had so many opportunities that they constantly offer throughout the year, and it’s the best way to make friends, try something new, and get involved with the school. It really was something that changed my university experience for the better.